Tuesday, August 13, 2013

All Night Sew and Quilts for Kids

This weekend we traveled to Salt Lake for some family events.  One that I threw into the mix was an All Night Sew!!!  On Friday night my Mom, my Sister, My Sister in Law, my Grandmother and I got together for some quilting goodness.

I brought up 3 sewing machines (one mine and 2 my MIL's) a whole bunch of snuggle flannel and we got busy.  There was cutting, sewing, pressing, and . . .

Lots and lots of laughing!!  Seriously, I nearly peed my pants a few times with all of the giggling we were doing.

But among all of the giggling, there was progress.  Which makes me so incredibly happy because this little event had a purpose.  We decided we wanted to make quilts  for Primary Children's Hospital as a way to say Thank You for everything they did for little David.  (who is now home with his family and doing well, Yippee!! :)

And we certainly got on Stitch On and did just that.  

By 11:30 pm  (ya, we are getting old and all night now means Midnight :) we had 4 girl tops sewn.  So cute and adorable and soft and cuddly!!

And 4 boy tops.  What boy doesn't love Monkey's and Dinosaurs :)  Now I just need to quilt and bind.  Hopefully that can get done in the near future.  

So do you have a great cause in your area to quilt for??  Cause now is the time to get your stitch on and quilt for kids!!  Katie at Swim Bike Quilt is hosting her annual 100 Quilts for Kids event.  You can find all about it and link up your quilts for kids here, and you can also check out all the great prizes you can win here, and here. (Including some Happy Quilting Patterns :)   Of course we don't need prizes to want to quilt for kids, but a little added incentive is always nice :)  You have until Sept 30th so there is still plenty of time to participate.  So gather a few friends or family and have your own all night sew :)

I mean, what could be better than a night of helping kids bundled with general silliness like this :)  (It cracks me up that the cord from the machine looks like it is coming out of my sister's ear, to funny!!)

That's it for me, Have a Happy Quilting Day!!

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  1. glad to hear all is well with little David. What a lovely charity project to do.

  2. Looks like fun and for a teriffic cause.

  3. glad little David is doing ok, bless his heart, and paying it forward is always awesome! :)

  4. That is so funny about peed pants))))

  5. Such a sweet time sewing for such a sweet purpose!

  6. What a wonderful gesture and one I know will be greatly appreciated! Looks like a lot of fun was had by all!

  7. Ooh, the quilt I'm making from the Star Surround QAL I'm hoping to give to the ALSA for the Battle ALS with Flowers Fiesta event next year. I think you realized this on my post, but the "stars" and surround are going to be solid colors with the background being a floral print, so it will be more of a flower surround. I think it will match the event perfectly!

  8. Melissa, great job! I love when my mom and I quilt. Often others come to learn or teach us new techniques. Now I am working to teach my darters and granddaughters!

  9. So much fun. My idea of a really good time is hanging out and sewing with friends...which I get to do pretty much every-other-never. (I'm going to the Pacific Northwest Modern Quilt Guild Meet-up this weekend, though...I'm so excited!!!!) Hahaha...my friends think I'm doing them a favor when they come over and I help them with a quilt, but it's really fun time for me.

    I sew quilts for Katie's Comforters which supplies quilts to Seattle Children's Hospital.

  10. Oh, Melissa! You are hilarious. Looks like you stayed up too late! Good for you girls - Great progress for one night of sewing fun!

  11. What a great thing for you all to do! Love the photo bombing at the end! Your other sister(in law?) looks like she has her hand in your sister's head doing some cleaning up perhaps?! hehehe!

  12. It looks like y'all had a real fun time together !

  13. Wow, what a productive get together!
    Thanks for the reminder: May use my Star Surround for Quilts for kids!


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