Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Big Changes for A Little Lady

So this weekend had some big changes in our house.  The crib came down.  Now, lest you think, well of course it came down, that's totally normal.  Well, this is the first time in the last 10 years that the crib has not been occupied.  Our wee ones have stairstepped their way, each new one kicking the old occupant out when they arrived.  And now, there is no new occupant.  I am officially out of crib stage.  (Ya, there was some weeping that went a long with this weekend, good weeping, but weeping none the less.)

So now, my little baby girl  has moved onto being a little lady sleeping in a big girl bed!!!

And yes, that old deka cover is not the final bedding.  I have some wonderful plans for this adorable Sweet Things bundle from Fat Quarter Shop.  It is going to be so cute!!  And I might even attempt to paint the bed frame white.  Well see if I venture out of my comfort zone there ;)

But as you can see, she doesn't mind the old cover one bit.  She is just happy to be a big girl now :)

I did get super excited (and stopped getting all sentimental crying) when I discovered there was a new wall in her room that needed to be decorated now that the crib was gone.  Out came my Read With Me quilt to go on her wall.  It looks so cute and I am so happy to finally have the perfect place for it :)

Oh, and speaking of this quilt, Craftsy did a wonderful little post for International Literacy Day and included this quilt in it.  I was so excited!!!  You can see the article here ;)

Alright, I am off for some long arm fun this morning :)  Have a Happy Quilting Day!!!

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  1. She is such a little cutie and the quilt makes a perfect little reading corner. I fancy curling up in the chair with a cuddly toy and listening to a story myself!

  2. The look on her little face speaks volumes! How happy and proud she is to be in the big girl bed!!! Precious.

  3. Oh my goodness your youngest has grown sew quickly.. I remember when you make the quilt hanging on the crib..
    Your little lady does sew pleased being on the big girl bed..
    Look forward to seeing what you create with those gorgeous fabrics...

  4. Awww...still remember the day we took down the crib and put The Bear in a toddler bed. I cried that day too. Little did I know that we'd be putting the crib back up for Grace only a year later!

    (Man plans, God laughs.)

  5. Awwwww!!!! Don't they just grow up way too fast! I think I will totally be feeling that way as well when we take our toddler bed (which was a crib)down. I can't wait to see the new bedding you make out of it! I would totally paint the bed frame white. It will look very good with the material you have picked out!

  6. *sniff sniff*
    I am delaying moving Scarlet out of her crib!
    Josie looks so sweet there! I can't believe how long her hair is! so cute! (and I just love that read with me quilt)

  7. Perfect solution to the gap on the wall!

  8. Perfect quilt for her wall. Just a warning she will grow up fast now so don't blink. It seems like yesterday we did this for my baby girl who is now a teenager. Where does the time go?

  9. I can't believe how big and cute she is! She sure does look happy in her awesome room :)

  10. aww! I know what you mean about shedding a few tears!! I have three kids, (We want more yet) and I know that when I have my last, Im going to forever be thinking...this is the last time for everything!
    Thats a lovely quilt by the way!

  11. uhhh congrats on the bed!! and yay for a new quilt in the making :)

  12. She looks so happy and proud in her new bed and that Read With Me wall hanging is perfect! Well done. A white bed (yes you can branch out of your comfort zone) will look great with that color scheme and just enhance the bed all the more.

  13. Someone looks very happy to have a big girl bed.

  14. Oh Josie can't be that big yet! How fun!


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