Thursday, September 5, 2013

Crochet Halter Dress, Too Cute!!!

My Sister-in-Law and my Niece are visiting Cedar City this week and we have been having some great times.  This SIL happens to have been mentioned here a few times before as she is the crocheting extraordinaire.  So, I wasn't to surprised when my niece came upstairs this morning (she got to sleep over, so fun!!!) wearing this adorable crocheted Halter Dress.  Isn't is just so stinking adorable!!!

My SIL tested this pattern for fellow crocheter Pontepretties , which can subsequently be found in Pontepretties etsy shop :)  (just in case you are a fan of crocheting as well as quilting :)    I love the little ruffle at the bottom of the skirt.  So cute!!!  Now I just need to figure out how to make a patchwork one, tee hee hee ;)

And I have to finish with this adorable picture of my niece wearing the dress and posing for the etsy listing in my SIL shop. (Yes, in case you love the dress but don't crochet, like me, my SIL sells these dresses here and here)  Isn't she just the cutest!!  What a doll!!!


Have a Happy Quilting (and maybe a bit of crocheting) Day!!!
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  1. Nice photo. Your niece is adorable.

  2. She is cute as a button in her little sun dress and white sandals. Wow. Beautiful crochet work.

  3. A cute dress and a little girl who is very happy to model it and obviously loves the dress!! Just darling all the way around!

    Melissa! I have to tell you that you were the hit at my Quilt Club this morning! We had show and tell and I shared my completed Star Surround quilt top! Everyone loved the pattern! Five gals asked me for your blog address! Hopefully, they will be visiting and joining your blog soon. I shared how wonderful your blog is and how well you explain things in your tutorials, QAL's, etc. I just wanted to let you know!

  4. What a darling model for that cute little dress.

  5. Um, that is adorable and what fabulous pics!!!


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