Monday, October 28, 2013

Bits and Pieces

So did anyone besides me hound Twitter all weekend to see all of the Quilt Market happenings.  I can't wait for all of the blog wrap-ups.  It looked like a wonderful Market and I am super excited for some of the upcoming lines I saw ;)  And, I even managed to see a picture of my Lucky Stars quilt hanging in the Moda booth courtesy of the gals at Fat Quarter Shop :)  So fun!!!

And even though I didn't get to go to The Quilt Show of the weekend, I did get to go to a quilt show this weekend.   Cedar City celebrated it's 8th Heritage Festival this weekend complete with a tractor pull, rodeo, dutch oven taste contest (which was delicious I might add) and yes, quilt show :)   I was asked to display the quilts that I will be teaching in January at the Cedar City Quilt Retreat.  Here is my daughter with my Summer Breeze quilt (which totally needed to be pressed, but what ya gonna do :) 

And my Starburst Quilt along with some of the other retreat classes quilts ;)  It's so fun to see my quilts hanging among so many other beautiful quilts.  Just makes me smile ;)

And this quilt totally blew me away.  I know, looks pretty basic from far away right??

But get up close and you find all of those adorable haunted mansions (I suppose adorable might be the wrong word there) are all hand stitched.  Absolutely amazing. Oh yes,  I am pretty jealous of those mad stitching skills.  Here is hoping, I can show a little Halloween stitching this week as well, provided my daughter finishes in time :)

And . . . in all of my Festival weekend excitement, I totally forgot to pick a winner for the traveling stash.  So let me take care of that :)    And the Winner is . . . .  #82   Jen!!!   Congrats Jen, this stash will be making it's way to your house this week :)

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  1. Your quilt looked fabulous at Market, it was right on one of the heavily-trafficked (is that a word?!?) corners.

  2. I've been stalking quilt market on instagram. Congrats on all your quilts on display :)

  3. Ooh, those haunted hice are amazing!

  4. Ha ha! I've been reading everyone's blogs about market like mad - it's almost like being there :-) Love your star quilt too!

  5. I love your quilt... it is so beautiful!


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