Friday, October 4, 2013

Boxed In And Out - A New Quilt

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I am just so excited to share this new quilt with you today.  Well, it isn't exactly new.  I made this same quilt last May for me.  Later this summer, I offered to make one for my Universities Homecoming.  And this time, I added some strip piecing to speed up the piecing time and actually got around to making it into a pattern.  Yippee!!!  So , here it is, my 10th pattern . . . Boxed In And Out!!!  It is available at both my Craftsy and Etsy shops and once again, I listed it on sale since it is all kinds of brand new.

So there is just something about a geometric design that makes me so happy.  Everything is so crisp and I love the interlocking of the squares.  I just love how the squares can be so simple and then so complex at the same time.  It just creates so much movement.

The fabric is Kona Solids by Robert Kaufman Fabrics.  I really love how the solids add to the bold geometric design.  It really allows the interlocking to just blend in.  And the great thing about the solids are they allowed me to play with my school colors :)

Adding my Universities school logo onto the bottom of this quilt really finishes it off.  You can find a tutorial on how to make this layered applique here ;)  Yes, it takes a little time to make, but it looks amazing, and really is the perfect addition to such a fun geometric pattern.

So, as you have come to expect there are size options !!!!  Boxed In And Out has size options for a Baby, Lap, Picnic, and King.  I made mine the Picnic size.  

I quilted this with a random grid pattern using the channel locks on the long arm.  So much fun.

I dropped this quilt off to the Alumni Association yesterday and they were so excited, which of course gave me all sorts of warm fuzzies.  I am so happy to have had it turned out so well and I hope it raises lots of funds for the University over homecoming weekend.  They already have it on Facebook, Yippee!!!

Alright, I will wrap it up now.  Here is one more link to the pattern.   I have listed them on sale for $5.00.  They will be $5.00 until next weekend (or when I remember to change the listing) and then be listed for the original price of $8.50.   They can be found in my Craftsy Shop as well as my Etsy Shop.

Have a Happy Quilting Weekend.  I get to spend it with family, including little David (who is doing very well, thank heavens).  I will be sure to share some pictures ;)  

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  1. Very nice. I love the clean lines on this one.

    Enjoy snuggles with David!

  2. Beautiful quilt! I bet it was kinda hard to give it up! Congrats on another terrific pattern.

  3. I love your new pattern Melissa! And I agree with you - geometric designs make me happy too :)

  4. I love the bold design!

  5. Such a great quilt! I'm glad it's going to a good cause :-)

  6. Love the pattern! I'm with you on geometric designs...they are awesome! :)

  7. It looks great!! That school logo is especially fantastic: you did a great job on it!! Is the white in the red box and the white in the black box one piece of fabric or several pieces? I've got an idea for that space if it is one piece. thanks! Helen

  8. Oh that's a really interesting effect with the red and black! Nicely done!

  9. That is just so coll and looks like lots of work.

  10. Very effective, looks awesome! Well done.


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