Thursday, October 24, 2013

My First Webinar and other tidbits :)

Last night I had the wonderful opportunity to sit in on the Modern Quilt Guild Webinar on Copyright, Trademark, & Quilting - Oh My!!  I have to admit, I was super worried for about the first 3 minutes that I hadn't managed to "log on" correctly and that I was going to miss it all, but just as I started to stress, up came people and I could even hear them.  So fun!!!  

 The Webinar was given by Kristen Lejnieks, an attorney, quilter, mom, and co-author of Block Party.  She gave the address first at Quilt Con and and I am so glad she was willing to do it again in this medium.  I found the seminar to be very informative and most interesting.   With the ever changing case law it wasn't always easy to define what you can and can't do with copyright, but I liked that Kristen pointed out that more importantly, we should just be considerate of others and play nice :)

And since we quilters are mulit-taskers . . .  While listening I drew the lines on the back of my MQG Riley Blake challenge squares and pinned them so they are all ready to sew today.  I love having a prepared pile of sewing.  I mean, who doesn't love hearing their sewing machine hum away :)

Oh, and one last thought before I go.  Tomorrow is Blogger's Quilt Festival and I get to share the secret project I made for Quilt Market.  Yippee!!  I will give you a hint . . . It uses these two lovelies by Vanessa Christensen ;)


Have a Happy Quilting Day!!

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  1. I attended the webinar too! :-). I thought it was really good and I look forward to the next one. By the way, I cannot wait to see what you do with those challenge fabrics because I really have no clue what to do with mine yet and I could use the inspiration!

  2. I'm excited for the Quilt Blogger's Festival tomorrow too. I've cleared my Am calendar so I can Blog Hop!!!

  3. Heh, I'm multi tasking too, stuffing a bear and watching some tests run on my work laptop whilst blog hopping :oD

  4. Yes, the webinar was so informative!
    Can't wait to see your quilt soon! Like tomorrow :-).

  5. That new fabric by V&Co. looks great.

  6. That RB stack looks a lot like the one on my table. I just finished trimming all my HST's. Can't wait to see what you make :-)


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