Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Organizing aka Playing with Fabric and a Winner

Last night I noticed that my fabric stacks were starting to get a little less than organized.  I started pulling stuff down from the shelf so that I could refold, put everything back in nice color stacks and so forth.  But once I got all my Fat Quarters off the shelf, instead of refolding, I decided that my pre-cut shelf needed a little work as well.  (excuse this image, I didn't think to take a before shot so this is cropped out of a picture taken by Christa when she visited me 2 weeks ago, but you get the idea, messy :)

Everything had just been sort of stacked up haphazardly.  My roll layer cakes (like in the back of this old picture) don't really "stack" and I had several half used layer cakes or jelly rolls that are being left out of the scrap bin because there is enough "scrap" to do another project.  Seriously, I was trying to make this shelf look all pretty for this picture (take a while back) and it still doesn't look organized.

So . . . I grabbed some scrapbook paper and used that for backing to make some flat layer cakes.  And of course, they wouldn't be complete with a cute little ribbon tied around them :)  Then I turned the leftovers jelly strips into smaller jelly rolls.  (Rolling these up to look perfect, a bit harder than you would think :)  There is even a huge layer cake that is comprised of 1/2 layer cakes from 3 different lines Bonnie and Camille lines.  That will be a fun project some day :)  Doesn't that bottom shelf just look so pretty!!!

I was having so much fun playing with all these I didn't realize the time.  When my husband came home from watching the Dodgers game he was surprised to find me still up as it was Midnight!!  (no, I am not a night owl).  So the Fat Quarters just got put back on the shelf to be organized (and played with) on another day.  Always nice to have projects :)

Oh, and before I sign off, I need to pick a winner for the Cotton Bliss Giveaway . . . The Lucky Reader who receives a $25.00 Gift Certificate to the brand new Cotton Bliss is . . .

Congrats Moneik!!  I will email you :)

All right, I am off to do a little free motion quilting on my Bernina.  Should be fun :)

Have a Happy Quilting Day!!

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  1. Okay, so now that you are done with your fabric organization you can come over here and take care of mine! ;-)
    It looks fantastic!

  2. I'm cleaning my sewing room (http://instagram.com/p/fMLTealEBX/) and the only thing getting me through is that I know I get to play with my (very, very small) stash at the end. It's the carrot at the end of the stick.

    Your shelves look so pretty. :-)

  3. I just straightened out my fabrics & they don't look near as organized as yours, you done a good job!

  4. My sewing area is in great need of some cleaning. When that is going to happen is anyone's guess.

  5. Congratulations to the winner and thank you for hosting. Well, go 10 times that number of shelves ( tubs, totes, rolling carts, etc...) I would be doing nothing but straightening and not sewing. I think I need to use it up.

  6. looks awesome, i've made my own jelly rolls too- tricky to roll ;)

  7. Congratulations to Moneik. Thank you for hosting the giveaway. Looks good love your fabrics.

  8. Great Job! Now if I could get motivated to make mine look pretty too! mburnette912@bellsouth.net

  9. Ha ha! Your "messy" is cleaner than my "organized" :-)

  10. Ha, I also get distracted at night on occasions when a mad 'tidying' notion hits me! Generally not to do with anything like vacuumming right enough... ;o)

  11. Thanks so much! I'm loving the thread I bought!


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