Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Knee Socks

Well with November quickly winding down, I decided it was time to bust out a bee block.  So this morning I went to my scrap bins and pulled out lots of lovely color coordinating strings to make this super fun Knee Socks block for Colby.

This block uses 52 different scrappy stings.  And oh my, did I have fun going through my scrap bins for this one.  Seriously, I spent more time sorting fabrics and cutting than I actually did making the block.

The block finishes at 24" and the design is by Elizabeth Hartman and can be found here.   It really is such a fun block to put together!  And yes, I should have given it a few more presses, but I was in a hurry to beat the mailman and knew it would get all folded up to fit in the package anyways, what ya gonna do :)

And now it is in the mail and I am all set for next month's blocks!!!  I just love being a part of these amazing bees.   Are you wondering how to be part of a bee??   Check out this post in flickr.  Now is a great time to look at signing up as most will restart in the new year :)

Have a Happy Quilting Day!!!
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  1. That is a great block, love the colors. Keep us inform when another bee block comes up.

  2. I would love to do a bee...but with a new baby coming in Feb...ummm a little worried I won't have the time:(

    I am thinking possibly a nice easy BOM:):)

    The knee sock block is looking good and I bet you DID have a lot of fun creating it!

  3. Great looking block Melissa. I really love the fabrics you used and after checking the pdf, think I might like this version over the solids.

  4. Such a cute block! A fun one, for sure. Happy Thanksgiving to you Melissa!

  5. I am not a scrappy quilter, that said I think you might have given me a great pattern for scrappy that I can do…love it.thanks

  6. I have never done a 'bee'! I want to and thank you for the link on flickr.
    I just went through my bucket of solid scraps! Where do they all come from?! I ended up cutting 1/3 of them into 5x5 squares...we can always use those!


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