Thursday, December 12, 2013

Changes for Christa Quilts

ChristaQuilts has some bittersweet news to share. She's decided to close down her website and clear out all of her fabrics, notions, and patterns so she can have more time for designing, blogging, and quilting!
Christa is still selling precuts and thread through her Amazon store, but everything located at her site is up for grabs at 20% - 50% off the regular prices.

So what has she been up to lately? Getting her patterns and articles published in magazines, designing more fun quilt alongs (such as her Modern Trees quilt), and winning awards for her work. 

So let's help her out by scooping up as many goodies from her store as possible, then visiting her blog to see where her next adventures takes her.  
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  1. Replies
    1. I'll still be around for awhile as it will take some time to clear everything out :-)

  2. This is good news for YOU, so it's good for us all. You are following your own path, which is what you should do. Life is short, do it the way YOU want to. GOOD LUCK!!


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