Saturday, March 15, 2014

Worldwide Quilting Day!!!

Today is Worldwide Quilting Day!!!  How awesome is it that we have a day to celebrate our passion!! I do have quilting plans, but the day is full so we will see how they pan out.  But, I am determined to squeeze in at least a few minutes during some point of the day.  And of course, I will be thinking about quilting all day so that counts too :)

I also had the wonderful opportunity to celebrate Worldwide Quilting day by making a block to support St. Judes' Children's Research Hospital.  The wonderful folks at Chili's are making a quilt for St. Judes' and reached out to quilt bloggers all over to help them make the blocks.  They asked us to make a block that represented St. Judes', Chili's, or Hope.  I opted for Hope ;)

And here is my block.  It is called Pieces of Hope.

When I started thinking of hope I had lots of ideas but in the end I was inspired by quilting in general.  See,   I often find that when making quilts for gifts they involve an occasion that bring hope into lives and into the world.  The marriage of two people ready to start their lives together, the miracle of a child being born, the special birthday of a cherished love one, or the wonderful anniversary of two people I love and respect.  This block is made of bits and pieces of some of those quilts.  I see it as a small way to pass on the hope of each of those joyous occasions.  I added a sun to the patchwork orange sky because nothing says hope like the dawn of each new day. 

This block was a special block and it truly touched my heart to be able to use my love of quilting to help benefit the children of St. Judes'.  You can see other blocks over at Chili's blog.  There are some good friends over there that participated in this wonderful project as well ;)

Have a Happy Worldwide Quilting Day!!!

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  1. I love it. It's like the sun is bursting into the sky with brilliant orange which is such a HAPPY color. I love it. Great job!!

  2. I love your block and the meaning behind it! I am quilting today. Well, so far I am cutting fabric, but I have sewing plans for this afternoon and evening -- a baby quilt for my brand new niece!

  3. Cute block! I love the sun coming up.

  4. Love the idea behind this block :o)

  5. You are so right about the dawning of a new day! Did a tiny bit of quilting yesterday to celebrate quilting day. Hope the quilt will bring raise tons of money!!


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