Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Happy Tax Day

Yes Indeed, for all of us here in the US, today is Tax Day.  We used to do our own taxes but I am happy to say that we now take some stress out of our lives and use a fantastic tax accountant.  And I had to smile this year when we got our taxes back and this is what was listed under Spouses Occupation.

Guess that makes it pretty official :)

Have a Happy Tax/Quilting Day!!!

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  1. I never thought to make that the title of my occupation! Good idea!

  2. Congratulations! That is awesome. I hope to someday put that as my occupation as well:) Unfortunately, I will stick to assisting in the preparation of them.

  3. love it! You totally are official now.

  4. I put my occupation down as Fabric Advocate.

  5. Love it! Be bold and tell it like it is. You go girl!

  6. Lol, very good. Our taxes just come right out of our pay, so we never even see the money we lose (unless we're self employed that is)

  7. Love it!!! I wonder if any of them scratch their heads on that one!! :-)

  8. Rosemary B here
    Carefulllll now. I hope you do not get audited. haha
    This is wonderful.
    My accountant puts my occupation as house hold manager, but I would probably
    put down Superintendent of a Trash Factory!

    Glad you got those done by a professional. We do too b/c hubbs works at home and we do not want the agents at our house :-P

  9. Replies
    1. I love that and it is so fitting for you and your creative quilty awesomeness! By the way, some ladies in my guild were talking about how fabulous your quilt alongs are at my last guild meeting. It was fun to chime in because you know I'm a big fan!

  10. Love your occupation; however, there is nothing Happy about tax day....the whole system needs to be reformed!

  11. Awww, how cute! Though I how the tax people classified you to a tax bracket. You just don't find many people who'd list "Quilter" as their primary occupation. Probably a good idea though from your accountant. Now, that's money well spent!
    Gilbert McNally @ BrandonAccountant.com


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