Friday, June 6, 2014

Holy Bee Blocks Batman

The last 2 days were a bit of a Bee Block Marathon for me.  I spent Wednesday digging through the scrap bins and cutting out pieces for the blocks.  The yesterday, It was some sew, sew, sew time :)  I love getting into a good ol chain stitching groove, especially when you are working with so many different and fun fabrics :)

So first up, Lets share this months blocks.  Because you know, it is only the 6th, and so these bad boys are almost early (Unlike some of the other blocks to come ;)  The first two blocks are for Lindsay in the Beejeebers Group :)  They are called Scrap Jar Stars and we used this tutorial from A Little Bit Biased to make them ;)   I love the colors Lindsay picked and I loved this block.  I totally want to make more ;)

Next up, for the Bees Knees group, Callie asked us to make some Sunbeam blocks using these adorable 30's prints she sen't us.  These were super quick and fun although I was sad to put the circle in the center because man oh man, my center points were pretty close to perfect :)  

And then, my slightly behind blocks :)  For the month of May in Beejeebers, Susan asked us to make some quartered square blocks using the fabulous tutorial from Film in the Fridge ;)   Susan requested bright colors and I had so much fun picking the scraps for these blocks.  One is cool bright and one is warm bright ;)  So fun!!

 And last, but not least, we had a few members that couldn't do Beejeebers anymore.  And sadly, they were a bit behind when they left.  So to now overwhelm our new members completely, I decided to help with a few of the make-up blocks.   So I whipped up a few more Scrappy Sprouts blocks from Traceyjay's fabulous tutorial for Jodi so she can finish up her February quilt ;)  This is the fourth time I have made this block and I never tire of it.  So cute!!!  I think I need to add a quilt of these to my list ;)

And that wraps it up.  All caught up and ready to move forward :)  Yippee!!!

Now, it's off to the long arm for some quilting fun this weekend ;)

Be sure to have a Happy Quilting Weekend as well ;)

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  1. Love those blocks, Melissa!

  2. Ooh, those first ones might have given me an idea for some stars I need to make this month, thank you!

  3. what a collection you have made here, i find 9 patch blocks so hard to catch up all the little squares, envy your immaculate matching, lovely

  4. Those are all great blocks! I especially like those scrappy leaf ones. Good for you getting caught up :)

  5. Those are great blocks! So how do you get into quilt bees


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