Tuesday, June 24, 2014

My new Beatle Bag

A little while back, Barbara (my amazing MIL) made a Beatle Bag sample for Julie to have at her store, The Intrepid Thread.  And because she is the most amazing MIL ever, she made made me one too!!! Have you heard of the Beatle Bag, the pattern is by Abbey Lane Quilts and they are so awesome!!!   They are just perfect for all of your quilting needs.

You open up to find an adorable pin cushion and pocket for scissors or rotary cutter.  Perfect!!!  And don't you just love the quilting she did on it.  So cute!!!

On the other side is another pocket, since we all have more than one rotary cutter and pair or scissors ;)  And then the middle is filled with a ton of zip shut bags.  You can order  the actual bag inserts with the pattern, but Barbara opted for Zip-loc baggies, which will work just fine as well ;)

I just love the way it closes up so cute and adorable.   Barbara had me pick my fabrics so for the body of the bag I choose a favorite Kate Spain print from Terrain and the of course a fabulous wood grain in purple by Joel Dewberry for the lining.   (Joel really knows how I love purple ;)  For the lining in the inside, I choose a soft grey Pearl Bracelet print by Lizzy House.

Now I can't wait to fill this all up for the classes I will be teaching and taking this Friday and Saturday at the Small Town Quilt Show in a Big Town Way!!   It is going to be so much fun!!!  And oh how nice it will be to have everything in one place.   And I think  a few chocolates might slip into those bags as well ;)

Thank You Barbara!!!  I love, love, love it!!!!!!  Am I not the luckiest gal :)  So can you do me a favor and help me tell her what an amazing job she did.  She thinks this is "no big deal" but I just think it is amazing.  So help me show her some quilty love :)

I am off to fill this up and get packed up for the weekend (and maybe squeeze in a bit of quilting ;)

Have a Happy Quilting Day

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  1. Ummm, can I please share your MIL? I'd love to have someone in my life who even gets this little obsession of mine, or can appreciate a beautifully mitred corner, for example. But to have someone make something for me? And to have that something be as lovely, well made, useful, and did I say lovely, as this Beatle Bag? I'm sure your husband us swell, but if you married him for his mother, I'd understand!

  2. Looks good!! Hmm, this would be such a great pattern for my stitchers club to cart all our goodies to and fro. Thanks for the pattern info!

  3. I love your Beatle bag. I am chuckling because that same Terrain print was my first runner up for use as a sewing bag in the Snippets class I am taking at the Small Town Quilt Show this week! We all save those favorite prints for the right project, don't we? I can't wait to see your bag...and Barbara too, if she will be there with you!

  4. What a fabulous bag!!! Beautiful and useful too!!! Does your husband have a brother who is single, cuz I want your MIL!!! Or is she open to adopting an adult daughter??? The last would probably be best since I love my MIL and I don't think my husband would understand!!! You definitely got a one-of-a-kind MIL when you got your husband!!!!!

  5. What a wonderful thoughtful gift! You are one lucky lady.

  6. Thats a really neat bag Barbara!! You did a fantastic job putting it together :)

  7. practical and pretty at the same time, very nice

  8. We all know Barbara is a super hero! Thanks again to her for making my shop sample!

  9. Beautiful job!! Truly a work of art and love - you are very lucky indeed!

  10. All I can say is thanks and the feeling is so mutual. I have 4 DILS and 2 daughters and they are all wonderful, incredible women who graciously let me share their lives and keep me amazed at their talents and enthusiasms. I pinch myself daily, how could I be so blessed? Melissa has added dimensions to my life that I never expected and for those of you who know her, how could I not love her? Barbara

  11. What a talented lady she is and how lucky you are to have her!! I look forward to seeing it full if your things and to see how much you really can fit in it :-) xx

  12. I'm making the bag now and the instructions are not clear on how to secure the plastic zipper pouches in the center???!!! Can you help me


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