Monday, June 2, 2014

New Address!!!

Good Morning Happy Quilting Readers :)

I have something very exciting to share this morning !!  Happy Quilting is changing addresses :)

Now, don't get to worried.  It's not a big change ;)   So when you came to visit before you were typing

Well now, you can simply type

Yup, I finally figured out how to drop the blogspot :)  It only took me a little under 4 years.  All of that technical stuff I have been learning as I have to and I figured it was about time I get an address that was a little bit shorter.   I felt so bad for the Go Daddy person who was helping me, I pretty much just said "I am Lost, Help!!!"  I think he thought I was a moron because I noticed about a month ago that wasn't being used anymore and I figured I could start using that. The worker kindly explained to me that just because it isn't being used didn't mean it wasn't bought.  Ya, the owner wanted something like $900.00 for   So, I opted to keep the melissa part at the end and stick with the $9.99 ip address :)   Learning a little more each day :)   

So . . . What does this all mean.   Not much really ;)  You can still type the address with the blogspot in it and it will forward you right over to   I bet if you are reading this and look up at your little address bar it will have already dropped off the (well, at least that is what I hope :)

So, however you want to drop on by, just be sure to keep on popping in ;)  I love to hear from you all :)

And as far as quilting goes, I just need to bind my ABC quilt so I will be sharing that tomorrow :) 

Have a Happy Quilting Day!!!

And since every post needs a picture, here is a snapshot of our little family group getting ready to explore Mammoth Caves over Memorial Day Weekend.  Lots of fun :)  

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  1. congrats on the domain name, I did that a few yrs ago and what a headache it was to merge the two, but finally did it! and in my feedly you show up with your domain name :) YIPPEE

  2. Rosemary B here
    Love the new name of course :-)
    and your family photo is astounding! What a fun gathering to prepare to go into caves and find creepy things hahaha Love it really, Melissa

    Have a fun Monday!

  3. The new domain name worked perfectly. Congratulations! I love the picture of your "little" family group. Your get-togethers must be really fun!

  4. Got it changed on my Blogroll! Congrats on getting your .com name. Maybe you need to share with us the link to do it.

  5. Good for you!! Yup it changed over on my mobile format.

  6. Just so you know the RSS feeds that I follow you by also brings me to your site without a hitch when I want to comment :)


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