Friday, June 13, 2014

Quilt Walk

Yesterday I spent the day in Panguitch teaching at Quilt Walk.   You can check out the original story of where Quilt Walk came from here ;)   Seriously, makes me cry every time.

My classes were fantastic!!  All of the ladies did such an amazing job!!!  

I love, love, love teaching.   Especially when it affords me opportunities to meet the fabulous Jenny Doan!!!  She was absolutely amazing!!!  I loved, loved, loved her trunk show!!  I almost starting yelling "Amen Sister" from the back of the auditorium.  Absolutely a fantastic quilter and an incredibly kind person!!!

 I promise to share more soon of the entire day but I have to pack and get up the mountain for a weekend camping trip.  Should be fun :)

Have a Happy Quilting Weekend!!

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  1. My sister and I got to see Jenny here in Portland...such a great story, very relatable person! We want to check out quilt walk someday :)

  2. Very cool story. I never knew that about the pioneers. Now I can see why quilting is such a big thing in Mormon culture!

  3. Looks like everyone had a great time. I am filled with envy!

  4. I am so glad your teaching went well! I sure wish I could meet Jenny! I love her tutorial videos. I am teaching a class of 13 at the college here and I am super excited! It will be the fourth quilt class I have taught. Have fun camping! :)


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