Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Bouncing Ball

So the last few days, I feel like I have been bouncing from one project to another.  I am loving how many fabrics I get to play with in a day, but it is starting to make my head spin just a bit. So I am thinking if I write it all down, maybe I can keep track of it ;)  Here is what I have been bouncing back and forth to.

First off, I got the Christmas Tree Quilt on the long arm frame and managed one row of quilting  (I know, a whole row :)  Thank you all for your wonderful suggestions on quilting.  There were lots of snowflakes and swirls so I tried to combine the two to make it look like swirling snow.   It isn't perfect, but not bad for a new design try ;)

I am using So Fine by Superior Threads in my new favorite color.  402 Pearl!!!   Kind of funny story here.   I had never thought to use this color on a white background because when I look at the spool it looks tan to me.   But the other day when I loaded the Starburst quilt, it was already on the machine so I decided to baste the top with it thinking I would change the tread after I had it all basted and good to go.   However, I quickly came to find that I loved it and there was for sure going to be no switching!!!!  It blends perfect, I can actually see what I am quilting, and it shows just enough on the white to make the quilting really feature the background.  Yippee!!  I think it will be my go to color for white backgrounds for some time ;)

I decided to change it up a bit in quilting when I got to between the trees.  I opted for pebbling to look like snow resting on the trees ;)  At least, that is what I am hoping it will give the effect of ;)  I know pebbling takes a while, but I got to tell you, it is so very relaxing for me.  I don't have to think at all, just pebble away :)

And after I got this first row done, it was time for a little cutting.  I am teaching my Wonky Irish Chain pattern next year and so I wanted to make another sample quilt of it but in the queen size.  I am using Persimmon by BasicGrey and I am so loving it!!  I got all of the prints cut out and now it is time to move to the background which will be grunge ;)  I so love grunge!!!

And, lest you think I have forgotten, I have been squeezing in a bit of work here and there on my Micheal Miller Modern Quilt Guild Challenge quilt.   I pressed these guys last night.   Some cute little pixelated daisies.  I have a plan, and hopefully the quilt will come out like I see it in my head ;)

And last, but not least, I added a new project to the pile yesterday.  Next week is the Small Town Quilt Show in a Big Town Way and I was fortunate enough to have a break in my teaching time to squeeze in a class as well.  I am taking the Quick Curve Ruler class by Jenny and Helen and I can no wait!!!  I have wanted to make one of these for so long!!  I am going to go with Metro Hoops and now I just need to decide on some fabric.  The only problem is, I just can't decide on an option ;)  Maybe I will snap some pictures today of some fabric pulls and see if you can help me out with deciding tomorrow ;)

And that's the ball coming to a rest ;)  So, I best be off, lots of quilting, cutting, and piecing ahead of me today :) So how about you, are you bouncing around projects this summer??

Have a Happy Quilting Day!!

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  1. Your original, combination snowflake and swirl free-motion design looks really great!

  2. I am impressed by you that you can juggle so many projects at once. You are a true multitasker. Your free-motion design with the swirls and snowflake is looking fantastic!!

  3. I LOVE your swirls with snowflakes: it looks wonderful!!! It so totally looks like a snowy, blustery day! :-) Great idea!! Hugs, H

  4. I have SO MANY projects I'm working on right now! I totally know what you mean about it starting to be a bit much. But it is so much fun!

  5. Summer is a great time for finishing projects! I got my list down to 27 WIP's yesterday, yippee! Your snowflake quilting is stunning!!

  6. LOVE the swirling snowflake design!! You are very talented. I have so many WIPs isn't not even funny. Hope to finish two of them by the end of the month.

  7. the swirling is working well. Love wonky, mind you i set a lot of my blocks wonky as they are not good enough to set straight but I will get there in the end

  8. Love the quilting design. Love the Christmas quilt too.


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