Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Two Special Mini's :)

So as you can tell from my last few posts, I have been on a bit of a letter kick ;)   And if you remember from a  few weeks back I shared a Crazy Patch tutorial and at the end showed an A and an L letter block I made with the crazy patch pieces I made.  Well, today I get to share them all quilted and bound :)

These two minis' were made for two very sweet friends of mine and delivered at market.  Two friends who deserve so much more than a mini.  They are the greatest!!!   You can probably guess who they were for by the embroidery :)

The L is for Lissa, or Moda Lissa as most know her by.  She has been a constant support of my over the last few years.  She has opened opportunities for me and always been a cheerleader in my corner pushing me to bigger and brighter things.   She is an amazing women and a cherished friend.  Love ya Lissa :)

And the second if for sweet Amy.   I am truly grateful for the friendship I have created with Amy over the years.  She is the one gal I know I can go to when I need to "keep it real".  Our email chats are cherished and I go back to them often in times of frustration or doubt.  You are a rockstar Amy, Love ya!!!

I had so much fun making these 2 mini's.  I quilted them with a tight zig zag on all of the seams of the scraps and some straight line zig-zags in the back.   I love how it really made the scraps pop ;)   And I even did a bit of hand-stitching.  I know, crazy, huh :)  But I won't show you up close of that.  I am still the worst hand quilter out there, by far ;)   Now I totally want to make a little Happy Quilting Banner in purple to hang in the sewing room.  So fun, another thing to add to the list ;)

Oh, and I just thought, wouldn't little letter mini's be so fun for teacher gifts???   I need to write that in my next year calender so I don't forget ;)

Have a Happy Quilting Day!!
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  1. Those are just adorable! I am sure they will be treasured by those who receive them just as I am sure your friendships are treasured! What lucky gals!

  2. I love my mini quilt. I am quite honored that you made one for me!


  3. These little letter mini quilts are lovely. A great present for anyone.
    Teresa x

  4. Absolutely stunning and marvelous job done. I really love your embroidery work.



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