Wednesday, July 9, 2014

A Visit to Superior Threads!!

Yesterday, Barbara and I headed down to sunny St. George, Utah, emphasis on sunny (seriously, it was 104) to visit Superior Threads!!!  This is their warehouse and they ship all of their orders from here but it is also open to the public, so fun!!!   They totally let you walk among the shelves and shelves of threads, see all of the colors, and fill a basket ;)  And, their warehouse is right off the I-15, seriously, the next time you are driving through Utah on your way to Vegas or Cali, you totally want to stop by ;)

I was kindly greeted by Josh Every, general manager of Superior Threads. Everyone at the Warehouse is just so nice and willing to jump in and help you at a moments notice. And Isn't this a fun quilt!!!  It highlights all of the different types of threads that Superior makes.   So awesome!!

And then it was time for some shopping!!!  Seriously, is this not just eye candy!!!  Row, after row, after row of beautiful colors all wound on spools.  Ya, we were "shopping"  for 2 hours :)

I quickly found a box of my new favorite color, 402 Pearl!!!  Ahh, it is just perfect for white backgrounds :)  Love it!!!

And, then the purples, oh all of the wonderful, wonderful purples!!  You all know I love purple so I had to take a quick shot with my fave ;)

Quick Tangent - Since I happened to be sporting my Sew What Fat Quarter T-Shirt I posted this little selfie!!  Have you heard of Fat Quarter Shops new Selfie contest??  Take a selfie wearing your Sew What T-Shirt, and then post it with the hashtag #sewwhatselfie and be sure to tag @fatquartershop.  They will be giving $100.00 gift cards to the winners!!!     You can see all of the details of the contest here ;)  So fun!!!!  Where will you be when you take your selfie??
And yes, I got a hair cut last weekend, sadly, the heat of St. George made it go pretty flat, what ya gonna do ;)  

So back to our thread shopping trip ;)  This is what our little cart looked like close to check out ;)  We might have added a few more spools and some needles ;)  You will notice there are a lot of different types of thread in there.  I am often asked how I choose what thread I like to use.   Well . . .

That is the thing I love so much about Superior Threads.   Every thing you ever wanted to know about thread is on their website.  They are huge on Thread Education!!!  Seriously, here is a shot of their Education Index, and each of these topics have anywhere from 10-30 articles on the subject.    Let me tell you, the Tension section, A total lifesaver for me when I started on the long arm!!!    And you can also check out Superior Threads blog, they have fun posts that will make you a Master of Threadology :)

And just in case you are wondering, on the long arm I use Omni in the bobbin, and So Fine on the top, when I am blending .   If I want a bit of a pop, I will use Fantastico or Magnifico in the top and bobbin.

It was such a fun visit!!!  Thanks again to the folks at Superior Threads for making thread shopping oh so much fun!!!  And really, if you ever find yourself driving in Southern Utah, it is totally worth the stop!!!  Oh, I could get lost in there for hours and hours :)

Have a Happy Quilting Day!!!

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  1. What an incredibly fun adventure! You are so lucky. ~Shari

  2. Looks like you had a fun time shopping in the 'Candy Store' and at 104 degrees, I sure hope their air conditioning was in good working order. If we ever do head that way from the Chicago area, you better know it will be in the spring or fall, when the weather is more accommodating. Like your haircut, and you look pretty either way, long or short.

  3. I LOVE Superior Threads' So Fine for top and bobbin work on my longarm. And their pre-wound So Fine M & L bobbins are such a time saver. I use their pre-wound Masterpiece bobbins with Aurifil on my Janome. The correct thread makes all the difference in appearance and eliminating tension issues.

  4. It's probably a good thing I live on the other side of the Mississippi or else my wallet would be gasping

  5. I visited Superior Threads when I was driving from Washington to Florida...DANGEROUS!!!!! The threads look so fabulous person they are even more gorgeous! I bought so much I had them ship my order home because it would not fit in my stuffed truck!!! Huge hit on the credit card, but I am still using some of that thread today, so it's all good!!! Love King Tut, So Fine, Bottomline, Metallic, Rainbow...ok, I could put the entire list on here - all truly superior!

  6. Oh, better than a box of chocolates! What a fun day for you.

  7. Sounds so fun and love your selfie.

  8. Thanks for posting! I have shopped online at Superior but never thought I'd get there in person, so awesome!

  9. Looks fun: I've been in the fabric part of the store, but never made it downstairs because it was too close to closing time. So close, yet so far away!!! ;-) And I got this notice from the Museum of Art at BYU and thought you might be interested in it if you are going up north in the next few months. I'll be stopping by if I am able to get out there!

  10. Excuse me while I wipe the drool off my keyboard...

  11. Oh so jealous here. I hope to get the chance to visit there one day myself.


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