Wednesday, July 30, 2014

It's Back!!!

Yes, the long arm came back from the shop!!!  And  my oh my, is it running smooth now ;)  Somehow the presser foot had gotten locked up in an internal gear so the foot would no longer "hop" which was causing all kinds of issues.   But now she is back and I am quilting away!!  I am doing one of my new favorites, an all over feathered swirl :)

And I am using my favorite new color, 402 Pearl in So Fine by Superior Threads.   It blends so well I had a hard time getting any of the quilting to show up in a picture.  And I will admit, a few times it blended so well I might have quilted overtop of previous stitching, oops ;)  I love, love, love how it blends!!

And speaking of Superior Threads, the guys over there put together this hilarious parody video that they let me check out ;)  I will share the full video later but here is a little trailer to peek your curiosity :)

To Funny :)    Have a Happy Quilting Day!!
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  1. I'm so happy for you that you got your long arm quilter back...and that she's running like a top! I'm an Aurifil girl, but I hear so many great comments on Superior Sew Fine thread that I'm gonna have to break down and try it...

  2. good to see the quilter is working again. My bernia 1230 is going in for a service next week, had it 22 years and never been serviced before!

    I have 7 tops to quilt and one of the things that concerns me is how to choose the colour to quilt with when they are multi coloured, have been changing threads for different parts but it is too much like hard work so will try a neutral colour like you do

  3. I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of the Quilters Anonymous video, and I am very glad your longarm is back in action!


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