Monday, July 14, 2014

Mountain Weekend

This weekend was the annual Corry Reunion.  Each year at this time we head up just past Navajo lake for 4 days of camping goodness with all of my husbands extended family.   Oh, so much fun!!!

I thought I would share a few shots of some of my favorite scenery.

This was the overlook from our 9 mile hike.  Isn't that just stunning!!  And way, way way in the distance along the horizon is Zion National Park ;)  Side Note -  I am glad I have been running a bit or they would have had to carry me down the mountain.  That was some serious hiking :)

 The Lake from up above and through the trees.  We had beautiful sunshine the whole weekend and soaked up lots and lots of Vitamin D :)

And when the night came, we were treated to a beautiful full moon.  I loved this shot through the trees.  There is nothing more peaceful than sitting around a campfire and staring up at the night sky.  I just love it!!

 The kids had such a fun time, playing with cousins, catching horned toads, and generally just getting dirty :)  And yes, all of this dirt came down the mountain with us, and I have the piles of laundry to show for it.

So now I am off to conquer that laundry mountain in hopes to have made a big enough dent by nap time so I can sew.  I had a wonderful weekend, but 4 days away from my machine leaves me itching to start a new project :)

Have a Happy Quilting Day!!
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  1. that dirty little face gave me a big smile!!! :-) Hope the laundry goes quilkly and the sewing is beautiful!!! Hugs!!! H

  2. That face is reflecting some serious good fun.

  3. I think you mean vitamin D. Unless, of course, you were basking in orange juice, in which case that laundry pile will be sticky too ;o)

  4. Those are some of the best days being a kid...getting dirty with nature and exploring. That's a very happy smile! ~Shari

  5. Sounds like fun and some memory making times! Love the dirty little smiling face!


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