Saturday, August 2, 2014

Quilters Anonymous

As promised, Here is the full length Quilters Anonymous video by the folks at Superior Threads.   These guys crack me up!!!

Have a Happy Quilting weekend, and watch out for your husband trying to steal your Fat Quarters ;)

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  1. Love the pre-wound SoFine! bobbin in the beard. And, I LOVE those bobbins.

  2. Love this. Hubby was looking over my shoulder and shaking his head. LOL

  3. I had Paul watch this with me, and we were both laughing!! Thanks for sharing this!! And I'm glad I saw comment above: I was wondering what the white thing in the beard was!! LOL

  4. Just a PS. For some reason I'm not receiving your posts along with some of the other blogs I'm subscirbed to. Could you see if I am still listed as one of your subscribers? Urg!!! I just did a quick catch up of your last two months of posts!! So don't think I don't like you anymore, I just haven't been in the loop!! I hope you and your family are enjoying summer!! Hugs!

  5. Super! Thank you for sharing. My husband just asks me for items made from camouflage fabric occasionally...

  6. Funny!! Now if my husband would quit asking me which door my quilts were going to be a doormat for...


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