Monday, September 22, 2014

Marathon Piecing and 3!!!

First off, Can I just say a HUGE THANK YOU for all of your sweet comments on my new Off Kilter quilt and tutorial I shared on Friday ;)  You all are the best and really made my weekend!!

So, onto the weekend.  While my husband and children participated in three different running events this weekend, and in between those events, I choose to do my own type of event, quilting style.   So I had myself a little Piecing Marathon.   Over the weekend I finished up my Hadley quilt top, started and finished the three other quilt tops shown, and got quite a ways in piecing some blocks for another new top.   Oh, how I love to piece!!!

And in the evenings, I pressed all of the bindings for those quilt tops :)   Now all I have to do is make the backings and then I can have a Quilting Marathon ;)

But the Quilting Marathon will have to wait for tomorrow, because today we are celebrating a special day for a special little lady!!!!   If there 3 can you still call them your baby girl??   My, she is growing up fast!!  Happy Birthday to my sweet Josie girl ;)

She wanted an Anna cake, but they only have Elsa cakes in the store, luckily she was happy to go with a purple frosted cake with an Anna sticker on it ;)  It's nice that they can be easily appeased at this age ;)

Have a Happy Quilting (or cake making in my case) day :)
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  1. Rosemary B here:
    SOOOO cute
    3 year olds are still a baby. Absolutely hahahaha
    Happy cake baking. That will be a fun day for all of you.

    I am dreaming of a piecing marathon. .... one day.
    Right now, a little here and there, just keep going.
    So happy all of you had a good week-end

  2. me again:
    I missed the off kilter. I love that
    Thank you for sharing.... I will put this on my list bc it is sooo cool
    Thanks you loads

  3. Three is a great age! Good gracious you were a busy bee this weekend! I can't wait to see the quilt for the second binding from the top. Love those colors!

  4. Productive weekend that morphs into a grand birthday party for such an adorable little girl - perfection!!! Have a wonderful day with your very special birthday girl!! Happy Birthday, Josie!!! I hope every day is just as happy for you!!!

  5. Wonderful to have time to do Marathon sewing!
    There's an Elsa cake? I'm going to have to check this out ~ maybe I'll get one for my birthday (considering my name IS Elsa)!
    Happy Birthday to the birthday girl ~ 3 is such a fun age!

  6. Happy Brithday Josie!!! Do you wanna build a snowman??? ;0)
    Time flies!! Enjoy it!!

  7. Happy Birthday to sweet (baby) Josie! I am glad to see you had such a productive weekend as well, I spent all weekend switching rooms... downgrading the size of my bedroom and upsizing the space for quilting! LoL The life of a quilter.

  8. As long as she is the youngest you can call her your baby forever!! :-) And I still don't know how you do so much!!! I guess when you have 5 kiddo's you learn how to run on hyper-speed!! :-D give the birthday girl a hug from me!! 3 is wonderful: they are just so excited to have something new that they aren't too particular. What a cutie pie she is!! Looking at her smile makes ME smile!! Have a great week!! Hugs!

  9. Go girl!! Happy b-day to Josie! I distinctly remember when my daughter turned 3 and now she's 11 - it goes by so stinkin' fast!!

  10. You were busy. Our daughter is 24 and I still call her my baby girl. She grew up way too fast.

  11. Happy Birthday to Josie! And WOW on all the piecing you accomplished this weekend! I am jealous of your productivity.

  12. I guess you can call her what you wish, but at 3, she's hardly a baby! You're so productive! I can only get that much done if I'm at a retreat, never at home!

  13. Wow! You are amazing! Quilts and cakes! Very special to be 3! She is getting so big. So glad you were able to spend some time sewing this weekend. Hope the birthday girl had a fun day. K-

  14. belated happy birthday Josie, such a pretty little girl be happy. You have been productive Melissa both with quilting and baking

  15. Awwwww Happy Birthday Josie! I hope she had an amazing day.
    YES! You certainly can still call her a baby. I have to say that because my granddaughter will turn 3 yrs old this next February and she's still our baby. LOL

  16. My one and only child was 50 this year - she is still my little girl haha :)

  17. 3 is so cute!! Happy Birthday Josie! Mine are 14 and near-16, and they are still my babies :)
    But can't cuddle them like 3-year-old though. They are taller than me and arms and legs every where... hehe

  18. Wow, you are a piecing machine!

    Happy 3rd birthday to the wee one :o)


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