Monday, October 27, 2014

There and Back Again . . .

What a whirlwind of a weekend!!!  Barbara and I spent the last 3 days at Quilt Market and we had such a wonderful time.  I can't believe how fast it all went!!  And this post is going up a little late as our flight home was delayed by several hours so we got in at 3am.  So I took a nap :)

I know, you have all seen tons and tons of Market photos on Instagram and I know can't show you any new fabrics or booths that you haven't already seen.   So rather I am going to share my Highlights from the weekend. I went because I had 2 compilation book signings and schoolhouses, and a few projects.  So here are some of the highlights from those ;)   I just love how each of these pics reminds me of how Happy I am to be a small part of such an amazing industry with such amazing people :)

So a favorite moment . . . Getting to do a Schoolhouse with just me and Angela Walters!!!    I can not tell you how much I admire Angela and what a wonderful friend she is!!!
Here we are before the schoolhouse, just having a good time ;)

Here we are just finding out that we are the only contributors to the book that were able to make it to market,  There was a bit of a mix-up and we found out right before it started that we were it and were running the show.  Eekkk!!!  I was ready to hyperventilate.  Can you see the wheels turning as we both smile but try to figure out what we are going to say.  Lucky for me, Angela is a seasoned pro and a master of  improv and we had a great time bouncing off one anothers remarks making it look like we totally knew what we were doing ;)

And this last pic is just for fun.  They wanted me to wear a headmic . . . I told them I had 5 kids and a mom voice, I was just fine without a mic,

For the rest of the weekend we were dubed the Dynamic Duo and argued over who was Batman and who was Robin :)  Crazy fun and a cherished memory!!!!   More on the book Optical Illusions that we were doing the school house for next week when we do a fun blog hop for it :)  And no, I wasn't sleeping, this is just the only shot I got of me holding the book, just think of it as my one with Optical Illusions image ;)


My favorite Schoolhouse . . . was the session that was the very  last one of the day.  We were all super tired but not Elanor Burns.  She had as laughing and rolling, even though the video wasn't working and everyone hadn't eaten all day.  You just couldn't help but smile along as she presented her Mystery Quilt in a Sherlock Holmes theme.  The more I get to see and be around this women at Market, the more I love and admire her!!  She truly is amazing!!!

A Favorite Share . . .  getting to show Bonnie Olaveson the quilt I made for the United Notions booth using her Smooth Sailing pattern and her and Camille's new Daysail fabric.  This quilt was so much fun to make and it was a real treat to get to share it with Bonnie :)  I will be sharing more about this quilt later this week for Bloggers Quilt Festival ;)

A Favorite Geek Out Moment . . . I got to take a picture with Denyse Schmidt and my Off Kilter quilt that I made using her solids ;)  She was so sweet and kind and had nothing but nice to say about my quilt. Ya, I was total permagrin for the rest of the day ;)

Favorite New Meets . . . Getting to do a Schoolhouse and book signing with this group of ladies was amazing!!!  Some I already knew and some were new to me, but we were instantly friends.  That is what I love about this industry ;)   We chatted, and signed, and chatted and laughed.   So much fun!!! In the schoolhouse we played 2 truths and a lie and everyone thought that I was color-blind rather than having 5 children ;)  What a hoot!!!  Fun Size Quilts is a compilation book from Martingale that is made of nothing but mini's!!  So fun!!!


Favorite slow down moment . . . walking around the festival of quilts.   The Market Floor is so fun, but there is something about taking a moment out and just slowing it down to enjoy the amazing beauty of the quilts on display there.  I am sure you have seen tons of pictures of the red and white quilts but seriously, they were stunning!!!!   I totally want to make a Dear Jane quilt after seeing so many of them in the show!!!  Oh, and I happened to stumble on this little ol one of mine too in the MQG section ;)  So fun!!

All in all, it was an amazing weekend!!!!  I can't believe how fast it went by and I am already looking forward to Spring Market ;)

Thanks for stopping by and have a Happy Quilting Day!!!

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  1. Awestruck as I was in June when I met you and Natalia, Kathleen and Deonn and Lori Holt and the sew Kind of Wonderful gals? You are awesome! Glad to see you with more of my Favs at Market. I love Angela & Eleanor too. I have met Eleanor & watched her do the Videos for this Mystery Star quilt. Can't wait to get the book. I'll watch for your Blogpost with your quilt on it in the Blogger's Quilt Festival.

  2. You have me (even more) hyped for going to Festival this weekend. Can't wait to see all the beautiful entries in the show!

  3. What a wonderful time you had!!! i am also a huge fangirl of Denise Schmidt, so I can imagine the huge grin i'd have all week at meeting her ;) XX!

  4. Thank you for showing a different side of Quilt Market. You're right that we've all seen many, many photos on Instagram. I think I could draw Tula Pink's booth in my sleep! Glad you had a good time and got lots out of it.

  5. What a wonderful time!!! And I'll bet your heart did a little flip-flop when your saw your quilts hanging!!! So glad it went wonderfully, and I can't wait to see the blog hop!!

  6. can tell you loved every minute of your time there and have so enjoyed reading about it and seeing what was happening and of course seeing some quilts too

  7. I love your presentation of your market experiences! It sounds like a perfect 3 days...not counting the delays getting home.

  8. I'm glad we got to see each other again and you and Angela were awesome during the school house, LOL!! See ya at the the next fun event :-)

  9. It was fun getting to put a face to a blog, when I saw you at Market during your schoolhouse presentation. Congrats on your many endeavors debuting lately.


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