Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Pine Cone Creations

While I was on my little Aloha vacation last week, the kids did some major crafting at home with Grandma.  After collecting possibly every pinecone in the neighborhood  (Seriously, we still have a garbage bag full in the garage) and doing a little pinterest browsing, the kids set to crafting.  They worked so hard and their creations just turned out oh so cute, I just had to share them here ;)

Jocelyn (3) and Kamryn (5) worked together to make a little Christmas Forest.  My mom says they really did most of the snow stuffing and button placing, she just manned the hot glue gun and tied bows ;)   I am quite proud of those 2 little ones!!

 Kristian (5) made me a beautiful pine bow wall hanging.   He said he wanted to add a big bow to it but I didn't have any big ribbon, so we will need to do a little trip to the store to finish this one off.

Jessica spent 2 days making her Winter Wonderland pinecone tree.  Seriously, this girl loves to craft and once she gets her mind set on something, she will make it happen.  She always impresses me with her creations.

And finally, Spencer (12) incorporated his love of fantasy reading with his creation creating me the first ever Christmas Dragon :)  He really put a lot of thought into making this original creation and he turned out so awesome.  (Spencer says I can't call it cute)   

So that is what my children were up to while I was gone and I can't tell you how happy they make me each time I see them on the mantle.   I love to see their imaginations soar as they create.  It really is such a wonderful way to learn and grow.    And a big shout out for Grandma for having the patience to do this for 3 days.  We are going to have some new Christmas Pinecone Decor this year for sure!!!  

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  1. They are all wonderful! Hmm, maybe I can find some pinecones from our tree under the snow...

  2. WOW!! Really crafty kids. Our pinecones are buried under a foot of snow.

  3. Wonderful! You definitely deserve to be a proud mama with those works of art!

  4. Thanks for sharing the love of your family. What a wonderful, generous Grandma giving her grand kids the lift of her time and creativity too.

  5. all 5 of your children have the creativity that you have passed down to them such talent and what wonderful ways to transform pine cones

  6. Melissa, your children's creations made me smile (a BIG smile) :-) They are ALL totally AWSOME!!! Tell them your friends love them!! And kudo's to Grandma for her ability to encourage them in their creativity!! Have a great day!!! Hugs, H

  7. All of the crafty creations are fantastic. But my favorite is the pine cone tree with the blue ribbons. Your children are very talented.

  8. Nader needs to check out my ribbon box first.

  9. Rosemary B here:
    Oh gramma did keep those kiddies busy and happy.
    I love the result of all of these creations!

  10. What treasures you have -- both your kiddos, of course, but also their creations. Thanks for sharing the photos.

  11. Grandma is as patient as a saint working with five kids on crafts! Look good. I remember making pine cone decorations when I was about 12.


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