Monday, December 15, 2014

It's Up and Christmas Chocolates

I wanted to update you all that the ABC . . . Read With Me quilt tutorial is now up on the Moda Bake Shop.  So if you were wanting to download the free tutorial you can find it here :)  Thanks again for all of your sweet comments on this quilt and patience with the tutorial link :)

And now . . . on to the weekend happenings.  Nope, no quilting this weekend . . .   my machine is still getting it's annual checkup so it was the perfect time to crank out some Christmas Chocolates.   I started making Christmas Chocolates with my mom 15 years ago.  Now I make them with my family.  
It is so fun when all of the kids get involved.  The little ones throw centers in the chocolate for dipping and the older ones help decorate them.  I do all of the dipping and most of the filling making. And the sweetheart is the all around helper to everyone.  So fun!!!

We make Chocolate Truffles and Mint Truffles, that my sweetheart insists on having football shaped so he can decorate them with his favorite college teams.  We also make Caramels, Almond Joys, Pecan Turtles, and English Toffee.   

It was a super productive weekend and we managed to get everything dipped and put into tins ;)  Now it is time to start making up some plates for friends and family ;)

Wish I could send chocolates through email.  But if you happen to be in the neighborhood of Cedar City Utah, stop on by and come try some ;)

Have a Happy Quilting  (or chocolate making, in my case) Day!!
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  1. All those cookies look delicious--my mouth is watering. Your quilt is beautiful

  2. Would you adopt me? And chocolates would do fine via snail mail from Utah to Nebraska! I'd pay for shipping!

    Happy Christmas to you and yours.

  3. Yummmmmy.. I'll be right over! :)

  4. wow between you all there seems to be masses and masses of treats wonder how long it will take to get them eaten not long is my guess!

  5. i would love to get the patterns for the letters.... any idea where they can be found. on the modabakeshop site, the message says: "Downloadable Pattern Sheets for each Letter" but that links to pinterest, and one sheet of the spell it with fabric letters.... R.
    where could i find all the letters and the numbers??

  6. Looks good Melissa! I used to spend an entire day from the time I got up until about 9-10pm making candies each year. I started making them after taking all the Wilton Cake Decorating classes when my teacher showed us how easy it was to make the candies. I was hooked because you can make SOOOOOOO many more candies faster than you can cookies that my kitchen was a candy kitchen every Winter instead of the usual cookie kitchen my family was used to. My 3 boys sure didn't complain.

  7. Yes, too bad these can't be sent through Email - they look delicious. You're lucky I don't live closer :)! Love seeing how your family bakes together. My youngest daughter is having her bake and decorating weekend with a few friends this weekend. They started this a few years ago, and it is such a fun day - even for my husband and I - though we just serve the meals and help with the 'washing-up'.

  8. The Chocolates look great. Do you have a fail safe recipe for English Toffee. That's my favorite. I love to compare recipes. The quilt is amazing. Great job!

  9. The candy sounds delicious. Do you have recipes to share?

    Merry Christmas.


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