Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Solid Shots

So remember when I said last weekend was crazy busy??  Well, it was crazy busy, but in a good way. In the kind of way when I decide on Friday afternoon, that it would sure be fun if I finished my Modern Building Blocks quilt by Monday morning so it could hang at the Cedar Quilt Retreat this week.   Yup, Marathon quilting weekend!!!  So starting Friday evening and pretty much straight until Saturday evening, I pieced these blocks into a quilt top, pieced a quilt back, quilted for 5 hours, (thank heavens for the long arm ;)  and then attached a binding.   Now these little Denysce Schmidt Solids leftovers are officially scraps because that quilt is done and hanging ;)   So why am I not showing you a picture of he finished quilt??  In a word Rain . . . I will hope for the sun  and get a shot and share on Friday ;)

But those aren't the only solids I have been sewing with lately.  I have also been working on a little Secret Solid quilt using this beautiful rainbow of solids from Riley Blake.  I am so excited with how this quilt turned out and I can't wait to share more.  This one is for Quilt Con so luckily I won't have to keep it a secret for much longer ;)

And of course, since I just finished up and mailed one Secret Solid project, it is time to start another one ;)   This project uses this gorgeous palette of Moda Bella Solids.   So pretty!!!    Time to get cutting!!!

I had to laugh at myself when I realized I was juggling three solid projects ;)  Isn't it funny how you won't use them for a while and then all of the sudden, they are all you want to use.  So now I am curious, does anyone else seem to use solids in an up and down rollercoaster effect or is that just me??

Have a Happy Quilting Day!!
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  1. Can't wait to see all these quilts your working on!

  2. I think it's called binging. Just like not having chocolate for a while, and then totally pigging out, until you are ready to binge on the next thing. Or . . . maybe it would be better to term it "working in a series."

    1. Or is it spelled "bingeing?" Neither looks right to me.

  3. Is there any chance of getting the names of the colors you put together in the group starting with the purple and ending with the light pink? I love how you put colors together. Lucky you getting all that sewing time.

  4. I collected Kona Soilds all last year and only used them in on project so far, but now that I am about to go into the modern quilt thing, I will be pulling them out from hiding. Looking forward to seeing your finish quilt.

  5. Hope to see the guilt in person at Quilt Con.

  6. I had to join Pink Castle Fabrics Color Inspiration club just so I would HAVE solids... I know you need them but man I am addicted to prints! The solids are gorgeous and I find myself working with them more and more. Solids do go a long ways when used right.

  7. I go on a solid roller coaster, too. Currently I can't seem to wrap my brain around any pattern calling for prints! It is a terrible state to be in since I have so many prints that need used and far less solids.

  8. Excited to see your quilts, and if possible, could you list the names of the Bella solids?

  9. I'm still fairly new quilter so I have only bought solids and used them for sashing and backing. I'd love to do an all solids quilt soon though. I really like some of the ones I've been seeing on blogs. I bet all 3 of yours come out great. Can't wait to see them!

  10. I actually do that too! I just finished up 3 quilts using feedsack prints that had been cut in to 2" squares for 4 years. Before that it was a marathon of woven stripes. I'm now anxious to finally get back to my favorite...solids!


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