Thursday, January 8, 2015

Teaching and Forgetting

Yesterday I spent the day at Quilt St. Geroge teaching some lovely ladies.   Sadly, I only remembered to take one picture all day before anything even stared.   I am totally blaming it on the cold medicine.  Yup, the cold is still hanging on.  Boo!!

I had a wonderful time teaching these ladies, and I think they really enjoyed the classes.  Everyone was very understanding of my slightly slower cold brain functions and  me losing my voice on and off.  It really didn't matter, because we were quilting, and quilting is fun!!!   We all had a great time and the ladies learned some great new techniques and tricks and that made my day ;)  I tell you what, sick and everything, Teaching is still one of my favorite parts of this whole quilting thing :)   I love it!!!

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  1. So glad you survived ( and thank goodness you love teaching since you still had your cold!!) Hope you can rest today! How did the Cub meeting go? Hope you get well soon!! Hugs, H

  2. Melissa, Beautiful quilt in the photo. I love those colors!!

  3. I am sorry you still have your cold.😢 I bet your students had a blast and learned much from their sweet and talented teacher! Feel better soon!

  4. So glad you could make it to your class. This 'whirligig' quilt pattern has been on my to-do list. Yours is so beautiful!


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