Wednesday, March 18, 2015

A Whirlwind Day of Teaching ;)

As I mentioned last week, I did a little Whirlwind Day of teaching in California for the Glendale 36th Annual Quilt Show.   And I know I say it all the time, but I sure do love teaching!!!!   There just isn't much better than being able to share your passion ;)

The weekend started out a little rocky with Barbara and I almost missing our flight.  We had left ourselves plenty of time but a huge accident, massive construction, and rush hour took that time right up.   For the first time ever, I was incredibly grateful to hear that our plane had been delayed.  We arrived in California Thursday night and were all kinds of excited for the next day ;)

Which started out bright and happy with a beautiful sunny day!!!  In the morning I taught my Wonky Irish Chain class.  The ladies in my class were so much fun ;)  We had so much fun sewing and so much fun chatting as well ;)  They all did a great job and got a lot of progress made on their quilts.  One gal almost finished all of her blocks for the baby quilt, in just 3 hours!!!

And then before you knew it, was nearly time to start the next class ;)  Now we all know quilting classes never finish when they are scheduled to, you have to keep sewing until you are at a good stopping point, right ;)  So it turned out that one class was packing up as then next class was coming in ;)  So fun!!!    The next class was my In Your Neighborhood class.  This is such a fun quilt to make.  I just love seeing the fabrics that everyone chooses for their big print blocks ;)   And once again, we sewed and chatted and sewed and chatted and had just such a lovely time.   

And before you knew it, class was over.   I am always a little sad when they end. Sure you are tired, but they are just so much fun :)  I could sew all day with such amazing ladies ;)   After cleaning up Barbara and I headed over to the quilt show.  There were some incredible quilts but of course, I forgot to take my camera with me.  What ya gonna do.  

We had a lovely dinner with the retreat chairs and other teachers and then it was off to bed as we had a super early flight.  We hurried home as fast as we could and luckily, getting home was much smoother than getting there because I needed to be home to help this little one celebrate turning 6!!!  They really do grow up to fast ;)

Thanks for stopping in today and each day with me.  You guys are the best!!!

Have a Happy Quilting Day!!!
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  1. It sounds like a great time. I love the quilt under your birthday goodies! Such a cute idea.

  2. Happy birthday to you little girl!!!! That indeed is a pretty table top.

  3. How fun! I bet it was a blast to be in your group. Jealous of those ladies and their awesome blocks!

  4. Can't tell who was the birthday girl!!! :-) Could she be any happier?!!! So glad you could teach AND be home for your little girl's birthday: it's great when there isn't conflict so Mom can do what she loves and still be Mom for the kiddo's!! Glad you had a good time! Hugs, H


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