Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Snapshots QAL - Puppy Love

It might be Tax Day, but it also happens to be Snapshots QAL  day as well!!!  And that is way more fun ;)   This month's new block is called Puppy Love and it is simply adorable!!!     (I will add the eyes on after quilting, so for now, they are just digitally added ;)

Okay, here comes a huge admission, I am pretty afraid of dogs and yes, I know i'ts silly as most dogs are very friendly and kind but I have been afraid since I was a child.   I really am trying to get over this,  I do have a neighbors dog that I am now used to and I don't freeze any time it comes near.  Seriously, once my sister's dog was at my Mom's house and I didn't know and I opened the door to where it was and no joke, I screamed and was on top of the kitchen counter in 2 seconds flat.  But I would like to think if I found this puppy in a basket so cute and adorable, that we would be friends ;)

So, are you quilting along??  You can download the pattern right here and then don't forget to donate the $5.00 for the pattern to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital ;)  This is such an amazing cause and it is so fabulous that Fat Quarter Shop and Moda will be matching our donations!!!  Everyone has been so generous in their donations!!!

This block went together super quick!!  And Kimberly also made putting this block together even easier with this fabulous You Tube video.   I am so just loving these videos ;)  

Be sure to  share all of your Snapshots progress on social media with #fqssnapshots and check out these fabulous bloggers for some Puppy Love inspiration :)  

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Thanks for popping in today ;)  Have a Happy Quilting Day!!!
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  1. Most dogs are sweet and loving, but I know your fear! We didn't have dogs when I was growing up, and my most intimate experience was with my aunt's dog that was a standard Poodle, who was named Peppy, and the name fit!! She would lock it in a bedroom when we would come to visit, but occasionally he would get out and terrorize us little kiddos!! Another experience I had was when I was walking in my neighborhood with my little sister who was about Kindergarten age, and the neighbor's dog got out (why does it seem that there were no little dogs back then?!!!) and I was afraid, but my sister was TERRIFIED and before I knew it, she had climbed up to about my shoulders!! That sure makes you have to pretend you are brave, when you're protecting your little sister!! :-) I love dogs now though. I hope you can work yourself out of your fear of them, but I know it takes awhile! Have a great day my friend!! Hugs, H

  2. PS. Love your block: you did a great job on it! :-)

  3. It is an adorable block Melissa. You did it up so cute too! My two cousins had that same kind of terror when they were younger. They are grown now and luckily have outgrown the fear. One even has a pitbull now who is the sweetest, most doofy, and galumpy dog you could meet. You are not alone though in being an adult who is afraid of dogs. Our neighbor is afraid of dogs too and freezes up on sight - but she gradually got quilte used to and even seems to like ours now. She'll even come over here for get-togethers and let them sit on her lap Melissa, do you think it might help you if you actually did get a puppy of your own?

  4. That is sooooo cute. How could you NOT love that puppy??

  5. I'm terrified of dogs too - I always have been and I have no idea why. The only ones I'm okay with are older ones, who move slowly and don't jump up or bark. A few years ago I was talked into meeting my aunts Labrador (who was like that - apparently). When we arrived at their house he came running out - can you guess what happened next? By the time got control of him I was so scared I was crying and they were blaming it on another hyperactive dog who I hadn't known would be there. Needless to say that was the only time I ever saw him.


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