Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Irish Chain Quilts Book Signings at Spring Market

I was so excited to get to do 3 different Book Signings for Irish Chain Quilts while I was at Spring Market.   These were so much fun and it was so wonderful to get to chat with folks about my my book.  The first one was in the United Notions booth on Friday Morning.

They had this adorable little table that I got to sit at and whomever was getting their book signed could sit for a moment and chat.  So cozy and so fun!!!  That also gave them a minute to dig through my basket and find a green fat quarter they liked.  Its always fun to get a little extra swag :)

I was totally blown away by how quickly the line formed .  Honestly, one minute I was starting and the next minute I had signed 36 books and it was all done.  So, so much fun!!!

A few hours later I had my second book signing at the EE Schenck Booth.  This was the last gal to get her book.  Notice that extreme look of concentration.  It is amazing how after you have signed your name so many times you have to focus not to spell it wrong, tee hee hee.

And I have to share this story with you.   It was my all time best moment of Quilt Market .   I was looking down signing a book when I heard someone passing by say "Oh, Irish Chain Quilts", I  recognized the voice immediately as Eleanor Burns!!!!  I said "Oh My Goodness, Eleanor Burns, I have to tell you about the inspiration behind my book".  I apologized to the folks in line but the book signing would have to be put on pause for a moment.  (they later said they didn't mind one bit as they really enjoyed getting to watch the ensuing moment).

I then got to open to the Intro of my book and show Eleanor the quilt that my mother made for my Wedding.  The quilt that started my entire quilt journey and my love for Irish Chain Quilts.   It was a Double Irish Chain made using Eleanor Burns Irish Quilt in a Day Pattern!!!   Wow, what a moment.  Yup, I will admit, I was getting a little chocked up.    Eleanor was gracious enough to sign my advanced copy right next to the picture,  What a treasure!!!!  I also was able to give Eleanor a copy of my book.  Just such a special moment of my entire quilting journey coming full circle!!!!

On Saturday Morning I had one more book signing at the Martingale Booth.  Here I got to do a little demo on my Bitty Bits quilt from the book.  It was so fun to see people's faces get that Aha Moment when I showed them how it comes together ;)

And right after this book signing it was hurry back to the hotel, pack up and head home.  But wow!!  What an amazing trip it was and I was so incredibly touched by the wonderful reception Irish Chain Quilts received.  All in all, just an amazing weekend!!!

I will be back tomorrow with some pictures from the floor.  Lots and lots of wonderful new collections to share!!!

Have a Happy Quilting Day!!!
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  1. Melissa!!! Oh.My.Stars!!! What a great moment to be able to share about Eleanor Burns!!! I am choked up with you, that is SOOO WONDERFUL!!!
    I hope you are back home and reading this... unpacking... feet up for a moment. What a great trip. SO glad you took the time to share all the great photos and stories.
    ~ Christina

  2. You got to be a FAN GIRL for a moment~so cool, thanks for sharing the story! You met the person who inspired your mom, who in turn inspired you, truly full circle :)


  4. congratulations on the signings and the book too of course. Having been away from blogs for 4 months I had missed that you had a book will check back on the blog for more info.

  5. How exciting....congratulations...I am new to your blog and I am having so much fun reading everything, Your blogs are helping me out as I am bored to tears because I can not sew with my broken arm. Thanks for your information. Loving it.


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