Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Irish Chain Quilts Blog Hop - Day 8

And here we are, at day 8 of the Irish Chain Blog Hop!!  So fun!!!

The first quilt up today is End of the Rainbow from the Improvisational Piecing section of the book and Fresh Lemons is the hop stop!!! Faith Jones is an awesome blogger, pattern designer and author.  She has an amazing sense of design and always is shaking up her layouts!!  I always love seeing what she is working on!!!    And oh my, you are going to love her block!!!   Pop on over to see her stop ;)

End of the Rainbow obviously is the cover quilt of the book, and I can't tell you how happy I was when I saw that.  If someone were to twist my arm and make me choose a favorite quilt in the book it would be this one.   And I think that is because this quilt has so many wonderful memories tied up in it.   This quilt actually has a scrap from every quilt I have ever made, so when I see it, I think of all those quilts and the stories behind them and the friends and family they were given to.   And that just makes me smile ;)

The next quilt to be shared today is Bitty Bits from the Improvisational Pieced section of the book as well and V and Co.  is the hop stop!!!  Vanessa Christenson is a doll and I just love her to bits!!!   I absolutely love, love, love her use of color in her fabrics and projects!!!  And she is just the nicest and sweetest person, I always look forward to seeing her at Market and getting to chat!   Pop on over to see her stop ;)

Bitty Bits is so much fun to make.  It is completely charm pack friendly, so there is no need for cutting, you can just right into the piecing!!!  I have had so much fun playing with the colors in this quilt with my 3 mini's and already have plans to make this large quilt in the reverse color layout and I can't wait!!!!

And that is today's stop!!!

If you haven't had a chance to enter the Grand Prize Giveaway, be sure to pop back here and leave your comment to be entered.  And it also has a list of all the hop stops with links, just in case you missed a day :)

Thanks for Hopping in today!!  Pop back in tomorrow for Day 9 of the Irish Chain Quilts Blog Hop ;)
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  1. Two more great stops on your tour Melissa. I really still love the End of the Rainbow quilt. I'd really love to see Vanessa's fabrics used in the making of that one. I bet it would be just gorgeous.

  2. Vanessa's orange Itty Bits block is sooo pretty!

  3. WOW!
    Every one of these quilts are on my list now hahaha
    It's not just "want to make", it's MUST make!!

  4. I made it through day 7 before I fell off the wagon and ordered your book!!! I just got more and more excited with each new quilt that was revealed and I couldn't help myself. I kept hoping I would win it, but I knew I couldn't get that lucky and I WANTED it so BAD!!!!! I am just going to start at the first page and make every quilt in order, right straight through the book!!!

  5. Just snagged a variety of Kona greys & smokey blues to make a Bitty Bits with pops of solids in rainbow colors for the man who did all the lighting for our production of Savior of the World. So excited to start this quilt for a very talented man.


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