Thursday, July 30, 2015

Playing with Scale in Quilting

Yesterday was an all out long arm quilting kind of day.  And, oh I had so much fun!!!   Majority of it was spent on my Unraveled Quilt Top for the Modern Quilt Guild Challenge, yup, due tomorrow :)   Like the original quilt in Irish Chain Quilts, I decided to once again play with the scale of the design.  Only this time, I added a few more designs.  Some of my favorites, Swirls, Echoed Paisleys, Curly Qs, and Pebbling all combined to just flow beautifully over the quilt top.

Playing with scale in your quilting is such a fun way to add a lot of interest.  All three of these next pictures cover the same amount of space in the quilt and you can really see how much the scale changes from


to Medium

And down to Small

Love it!!!   And it really is a fun way to quilt as you can keep changing things up.  I just used my spray and disappear blue pen to mark the guidelines of where I wanted each size.  My favorite places to quilt is where it transitions from one size to another ;)   I just have to get the binding on now and I will share the finished quilt tomorrow.   So excited!!!!!

And I was on such a roll when I finished my MQG quilt, I decided to throw on this little secret Christmas project as well.   I know, not much of a sneak peek, but I can't wait to share it next week!!!  Don't you just love the way tiny pebbling looks like lots of little snowballs.  So fun!!!

Wishing you a Happy Quilting Day!!!!   I am off to finish some binding ;)

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  1. Hi Melissa! Maureen and here faithful cat Josephine (aka "JB")
    We are first time posters here but have lurked for a while. I am enjoying looking at this so much. Would love to learn to do it, but may or may not be able to due to MS related problems in my hands. But, I could give it a go, right? May I, uh... in need of improvement were your first attempts? Did you take any pictures? First attempts by people who have gotten good always encourage me.
    Anyway, thank you for your cheerful site. Many blessings, m & jb

  2. I always enjoy looking at your quilting. You do incredible long arm work. Thank you for sharing. Have a wonderful creative day!

  3. Beautiful quilting! I can't wait to see the finished projects!


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