Thursday, August 13, 2015

O Canada

So last week, my family and I traveled up to Calgary Alberta for a special week of fun and celebration!!!   My Mother lived in Calgary from the time she was a little girl until she was married.  Most of her family still lives in Calgary and we used to visit Calgary when I was young every summer.  Sadly, it has been 11 years since a visit so it was high time ;)  Along with my family, my little sister, my older sister, and their families as well as my parents were able to make it for the week.   And my oh my, did we have a good time!!!!

We spent our first day at Banff and hiked Johnston Canyon.  This is not a hike for the faint of heart.   Not that the hike is hard, the kids all did it, but the heights can get to you ;)  We were constantly walking along these catwalks that were just sticking out the side of the cliff with this gorgeous river running below it.   Of course it didn't phase the kids at all, but I got a wee nervous a few times, and my poor sister who is afraid of heights . . . well, this was a huge accomplishment for her!!

The scenery in Banff was absolutely gorgeous.  I lost track of how many waterfalls we went by.  Just breathtaking!!!

And here is my little troop of hikers ;)  I was so proud of them, even the little ones hiked 5 miles that day.   And they sang Disney songs the whole way at the top of their lungs.  Ya, we got a few strange looks but we sure had fun ;)

The next day we spent at the Calgary Zoo.  The kids especially loved the dinosaur park and luckily, we went there first, because my camera battery died about 15 minutes into the zoo.  Way to go mom ;)  The following day we spent at the Calgary Wave Pool, but I didn't want to take the camera there, so no pics.  (that, and I avoid pictures in my swimsuit, tee hee hee ;)

And finally, we get to the purpose of our trip.  My Grandmother is turning 85 this month and all of her posterity got together to celebrate her!!!!   My grandmother is the one in the center in the fun hot pink blazer.   She is amazing and still such a firecracker at 85!!!

We held a wonderful reception for all of my Grandmother's family and friends.  My mom had these old snapshots blown up of my Grandparents from their earlier years.  Yup, My Grandma and Grandpa were quite the cute couple!!!

During the reception we had a little program and I was able to present my Grandmother with a little gift.  Remember that All In A Row Quilt that I made for a Moda Bake Shop Tutorial a few months ago, well, this was the purpose of it.   My Grandmother grew up in England so Ambleside was the perfect fabric for it.  She absolutely loved it ;)

And ya, I might have gotten a little emotional.   I love my Grandmother so much and I am so very grateful that I can use this fabulous love of quilting to share that love with her.

After dinner and the program, we ended up the night with a dance.   And boy, did we get down.  Oh so much fun, and the kids so got into it.  It was an evening full of love and laughter.

And when it was all said and done, we were all tuckered out but oh so incredibly happy!!

I am so grateful we were able to make this trip and spend so much wonderful time together as a family!!!  Thank Canada!!!
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  1. that looks wonderful!! I love big family reunions!! And is that a temple backdrop I see ? My husband and I are both one of 6....and our parents are one of 7, 6, 5, and 4 so loads of aunts, uncles, cousins and family. Its the best way!

  2. It looks and sounds like it was an amazing trip. I can see how appreciate your grandmother was with her gift.

  3. I loved this post. My mom and dad are both turning 85 in a few weeks and we are giving them a party too. It won't be as grand as yours but I'm excited about it. The quilt is beautiful and I know she will treasure it.

  4. ahhhh... another wonderful post. What a wonderful celebration!!!

  5. I really enjoyed this post. A number of years ago, there was a reunion of all the descendants of my great grandparents, who none of us actually never met. They had 11 children and most of their children had large families, there were over 400 there! Some who I had never met looked weirdly like me!

  6. I love Banff and Johnston's Canyon! We have now become Canadian residents, so I will be living in Calgary myself soon! thanks for bringing back the memories!

  7. What a great adventure. Memories for years to come. I bet your Gramma loved her quilt.

  8. You have a beautiful family! I love hiking and that trail looks like tons of fun! What a terrific quilt for your grandmother. Thanks for sharing!

  9. What a wonderful family your grandma has been a part of. It is seeing that large of a family that makes me can't wait to see out family in Heaven. I am Going to be going to BYU-I this fall, online, to major in Family History Research. I can't wait.

  10. How wonderful to see your pictures Melissa! Your grandmother has a family she must be so proud of!
    I knew she would love her quilt! Special times to treasure for sure. You all sure know how to have fun!

  11. I am always so sad to see Summer come to a close. It is so much fun to attend family reunions and other gatherings. It looks like you had a wonderful time!


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