Friday, August 7, 2015

The Sister's Retreat

No, I am not talking about the city of Sisters in Oregon, I am talking about the Willis Sister's aka, Barbara's fabulous Sisters and Sister's-In-Law.  Two weeks ago, they came together  in little Cedar City from across Utah, California, Oregon, and even Washington D.C. to have a Sister's Quilting Retreat and my oh my, did we have a great time!!!!

Most of these sister's are beginners when it comes to quilting so Barbara and I decided it would be just perfect for everyone to make a little project from the Farm Girl Vintage collection by Lori Holt.   Our main goal was for everyone to take a completed project home ;)  So, before everyone arrived, we made adorable little "block kits" that they could choose from to make their project.

 We spent the first day piecing the blocks together. (which I totally forgot to take pictures of.)   It was so fun to watch this click with everyone and see how excited they got as their block came together.   The next day, we moved on to making their block into a project.   Wall Hangings, Trivets and Table Centers, here we come!!!   For many of these sister's this was the first time they had played with a quilt sandwich and they did awesome!!!!   Aunt Judy even tried her hand at some Free Motion Quilting!!!!

We sewed and laughed and sewed and laughed and I was so blessed to be a little part of this amazing sister relationship!!

I have to say, I was so impressed with Barbara's Sisters and Sister-In-Laws!!!  They really stepped outside their comfort zones to make these.  They all quilted and even did the binding on their projects!!!  They were all fabulous students and just soaked up Barbara and I's teachings so quickly.

And before you knew it, the day came to a close and we had filled up the wall with adorable Vintage Farm Girl finishes!!!!   Aren't the just so adorable!!!!

And here is everyone with their individual finishes!!!   Several of the ladies took another Block Kit home to make an second project so I think it is safe to say that the retreat was a fabulous success and that we made a few more quilters in the world ;)  Yippee!!!!

I just feel so blessed to be able to share this passion I have for quilting with loved ones around me.

I think this is something that we will have to for sure do again!!!
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  1. Oh fun!!! It looks like it was a great time.

  2. How fun! And such a great idea to make up block kits ahead of time!

  3. That's really cool. LOL I could just one of my sisters trying to quilt.. Nope Not gonna happen but it would be cool


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