Monday, September 28, 2015

3 Down, 3 New To Go

So, I realized yesterday night that in the last 5 days I have posted 3 finished quilts on my blog!!  Sometimes it is funny, the way deadlines work that they all seem to come at the same time, so while I have been working on all 3 quilts for most of the month, I finally get to share them all wham bam, one right after the other ;)


But the super funny part is, this morning I was in my sewing room realizing I had new projects that I need to get going on.  And wouldn't you know it . . . I managed to pull fabrics for 3 new quilts!!  And the funny thing is . . . none of these are ones that I had thought about until this morning and realized I needed/wanted to squeeze them in ;)

First off, I realized my twin sister's due date for her sweet little baby girl is like in less then a month.   I knew that this quilt was coming and got these beautiful Brambleberry Ridge by Violet Craft Fat Quarters from Southern Fabric like the month after I had found out she was pregnant.  But had I made a plan, of course not.  So, that was first on the list this morning and I am happy to say I now have a design for these gorgeous prints and I am so excited!!!

Second, I had a friend have a baby last week and since they decided to keep the sex of the baby a surprise, I didn't know whether to do baby girl or baby boy quilt.   Well, I found out on Saturday and it is a baby boy, and wouldn't you know it, I have like 5 baby girl quilts made and ready and 0 baby boy quilts.   So I am using my "go-to" Charm Bracelet pattern from Irish Chain Quilts and some awesome boy colored Reel Time fabrics by Zen Chic to whip up a quick present.   Don't you just love go to designs that you can whip together in no time ;)

And finally, while I was flipping through my Irish Chain Quilts book for the Chram Bracelet pattern, I realized that at the last market I picked up this stunning bundle of Studio E Fabrics Peppered Cottons specifically for remaking my Bitty Bits quilt but in the opposite layout, of colors in the background and whites in the chain.   And I set it on my shelf and totally forgot.  So now, I have pulled it back out and I am so excited to make a quilt just for fun and for me ;)

Time to get Pressing and Cutting!!!

I hope your day is filled with lots of Happy Quilting as well!!

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  1. I am in a QAL and that quilt will, I suppose, be mine, but I realized last year I dont have one of my own quilts! Ridiculous huh.

  2. I am in a QAL and that quilt will, I suppose, be mine, but I realized last year I dont have one of my own quilts! Ridiculous huh.

  3. 3 wonderful finishes and 3 now quilts to make,no doubt the speed you work at we will be seeing those complete soon. Loving the fabric choice for your twin sister`s baby quilt

  4. I can't wait to see these completed. So many things for you to do! If I only had as much time for crafting, *sigh*

  5. I love that "Bitty Bits", is that in the Irish Chain book? Love your finishes too. So nice! Yes, you need to do one for yourself. I always say that and then someone see one and wants it, lol.


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