Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Fabric Pumpkins

Last night I had the wonderful opportunity to teach some of the Young Women in my church how to make stuffed fabric pumpkins.  We mostly followed this tutorial from Craft Buds, with some slight modifications.  The girls got right into it and I was so excited that after the first, almost everyone wanted to make a second.  These little guys are super addictive and you can't have just a lone pumpkin right ;)  Here are some of the girls finishes.  So cute!!!

I love that they each made their pumpkin their own.  Hot glue for the spines of the leaves, so cute!!!

And this young women even finished a trio of pumpkins, in an hour!!!  Fast and oh so fun!!!  And isn't that little baby one just so adorable!!

And this young women braved the sewing machine for her stem and it turned out just so cute!!  And I love how perfectly round she got her pumpkin, that is some great stuffing!!

Loving the beautiful leaves on this one!!  So pretty!!

And pinching the leaves at the end to give them a 3-D effect, brilliant!!

And I love the ribbon to add that fun pop on the stem!!

They all did such a great job and really put their own individual creativity into their pumpkins.  I am so proud of them and it was so much fun to watch them get so excited about their finishes!!!

These little pumpkins really are so very fast to make and have the added benefit of using up some of those batting scraps I know we all have lying around ;)  Like I said, we mostly used this tutorial, but you can google Stuffed Fabric Pumpkins to get lots and lots of ideas on how to vary them slightly.  They make such a cute table center when you are done and are a great project to do with your children or grandchildren ;)

I know I will be gathering my leftover supplies from last night and making some more stuffed pumpkins with my children this weekend . . . Are you going to join me???

Have a Happy Quilting Day!!
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  1. So cute! What a great idea! Wish I'd had this idea when I was working w/ the Young women! Hugs, H

  2. You all must have had a ball learning to make those Melissa! I used to teach crafts at our church too and we had a lot of good times and shared laughs. Your girls did themselves proud!

  3. looks great, my friend made some a week or so ago and gave me one, it was cute! then we wondered what it would look like if you put walnut shells in it instead of fiber fill or maybe half and half, think it would work?


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