Thursday, October 22, 2015

Two Times the Charm - Done and Done

So as I mentioned yesterday, I still need to make my new nieces baby quilt but . . . I can check off my good friends baby quilt as I delivered it to its proud papa yesterday ;)  So now I can share it here as well.   Two Times the Charm for Two Totally adorable Baby Boy Quilts!!!

I used my Charm Bracelet Pattern from the Improvisational Piecing section of Irish Chain Quilts for these two quilts.  I was planning on only making one but when I grabbed my Reel Time Layer Cake by Zen Chic, it just worked out perfect to make two, one "high volume" and one "low volume".

This is the Low Volume one.  I wish I knew what the background color was, but sad to say, I stuck the leftovers from another quilt in my stash without marking it and I can't remember what solid it is.  Sorry.   But it goes just perfectly with the "low volume" prints from Reel Time.  

And when it came time to quilt it, I decided on a cute loop de loop in the background and double arches in the print squares.  I love how it makes those little squares just pop right out of the quilt ;)  So fun!!  This quilt will be sitting in my sewing room for the time being until another special little guy comes along who needs a baby quilt ;)

And onto the "high volume quilt, which is totally a term I made up because I couldn't think of anything better than the opposite of low.  This is the one I decided to give my friend.   I just love the fun colors in this quilt and how much they pop, and they just happen to be the same colors mom and dad are doing the nursery in!!!!  Love it when it works out like that!!!

I quilted this one the same, even though it doesn't show up as much in the picture.  But it really does show how the quilting lets those little squares just pop up.  I hope baby enjoys rolling around on this quilt in a few months, so many bright colors to love ;) 

And then of course, I had to add a little applique to make it personalized.  Just one of those cute little finishing touches ya know to make it extra special ;)

And here is proud papa after I dropped it off to him at work ;)  This is their first little one and I am so, so, very excited for them!!!!   Babies are just the best!

I tell you what, there is just nothing better than a baby quilt!!!  I just love making them and I especially love giving them to new Mama and Papa's!!!  

Wishing you a very Happy Quilting Day!!!!

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  1. Melissa, both of these quilts are fabulous! You always do a terrific job at selecting the right fabrics, quilt patterns and quilting design to make a quilt extra special! I always enjoy seeing and reading your posts. Thank you for sharing and have a wonderful creative day!

  2. Love the white background quilt, but then I've always loved orange and black together!! You're so sweet to do that for new babies: I'm too slow. The baby would be a young adult by the time I finished it!! :-)

  3. They are beautiful gifts! So fun and happy ! Love your quilting, too.

  4. I especially like the low volume one, the background color reminds meof cheddar. :) The quilting really does pop; can you tell me what batting you used?

  5. We love the quilt, Melissa! And so does baby Kol! Thank you so much for sharing your hard work and talent with us!


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