Monday, November 9, 2015


Aloha!!  This last week my sweetheart had a conference in beautiful Kauai Hawaii, and so I got to go along for the ride and it was absolutely beautiful!!!

My plan was to work on write some patterns in the morning while he was in conference, but that quickly went out the window in exchange for sitting on the lanai and reading some great books!!  I mean can you blame me with a view like this.

We had such a wonderful time!!!  We enjoyed the beach and the waves, and we also got in two amazing (although they kicked my butt)  hikes!!  But the views made it totally worth it!!!

I lost track of how many times I just sat and watched and listened to the waves.  They are mesmerizing!!!  I absolutely love all the shades of greens and blues in the ocean.  Just amazing!!  I think I might have to put all my pics into so palette builders, so pretty :)

And like all good things, it must come to end. Although coming home to 5 wonderful children that were so excited to see us (and what we brought them ;)  sure makes it a whole lot easier to leave.

It was a wonderful little getaway and I just loved spending it with my absolute best friend in the whole world!!

And now, I am itching to get back into my sewing room.  Unpack, laundry, and then I am there ;)
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  1. Looks amazing. I would love to go to Hawaii someday!

  2. Wonderful!! So glad you got to get away! And the pictures are just wonderful!! Hugs, H

  3. We lived on Maui for four years! The islands have a special magic. So glad you go to see and experience some of that magic!

  4. Sounds like a wonderful vacation and we all need some time to just relax and do nothing.


  5. what a lovely break you had, how good to have someone that will care for the children so you could have the break with just your sweetheart

  6. It sounds like a perfect break! The islands are so gorgeous.

  7. Oh what a perfect break. I cherish all the breaks I have away with John, my husband and coming home to family (even though ours are all adults) is the icung on the cake.

  8. Yay for a much deserved break, and precious time with the hubs!!! Looks like it was beautiful!


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