Thursday, November 12, 2015

Playing with Petals

So remember last week when I said I cut out a bunch of applique for a new Daisy Chain quilt . . . well, what I didn't share then, was that I actually cut out quite a lot of extra applique.  Which took some extra time, and while I was cutting I kept telling myself how silly it was . . .   But I just couldn't decide how I wanted to colors to layout in the flowers.   And ya know, sometimes you just have to  play around with different layouts until you find the one you like ;)  

So . . . .I cut extra applique petals to give me lots of options.  And I am so glad I did, because I hadn't even thought of the layout I ended up with :)  The extra 20 minutes of cutting was totally worth it and now I have  these leftovers that will make up 4 more flowers . . . and I am sure I will find something fun to use them on ;)

I played around with lots of different layouts.  I started with the petals and centers in the same colors, then mixed them up, and I had the prints in the petals the same, and then mixed them up (and of course, I didn't think to save those pictures that I discarded as not quite there yet, sorry)  and eventually came across this layout which was the perfect combination of controlled scrappy that I didn't even know I was going for in the first place ;)  I love it!!! 

So last night I adhered all of the applique shapes in place and stacked them up all ready to be stitched this morning ;)

And wouldn't you know it, I just happened to get a lovely package of Aurifil Threads in the mail yesterday.  They are for another secret project I am working on . . . but I have a feeling they are going to work just perfect for some serious secure stitching today!!!   I am planning on using a blanket stitch for these and can;t wait to get going.  I love secure stitching applique, I find it so incredibly relaxing and I love seeing how it makes the applique pop!!

Time to get my stitching on ;)  

Oh, and if you are new to the wonderful world of applique and are wondering how to get started with it, you can check out my Applique Basics Video here ;)  I promise, you are going to love it!!!
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  1. I love your controlled scrappy too. :-) I can see how totally scrappy might be a bit distracting, but there is the ADD in me that wants to see something different everywhere I look, so controlled scrappy is a great option! That is going to be a beautiful quilt! Hugs, H

  2. Oh - just love this quilt top. Happy stitching!

  3. Looks fab- i really like putting the blues on the corner edges!


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