Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Crossroads Quilt Along - Coming Soon

Fat Quarter Shop has recently announced their 2016 Crossroads Quilt Along to benefit  March of Dimes and I am so excited to be Quilting Along with them again this coming year!!!

The Crossroads Quilt was designed using vintage-inspired blocks to commemorate the crossroads of our lives.  The blocks are just beautiful in their tiny detail and I am so looking forward to stitching them up.  

As a kick-off, Fat Quarter Shop has asked us to share one of the Crossroads in our life ;)  I think one of the biggest Crossroads in my life was moving across the country far away from home starting some amazing journeys.  Here is the story :)
     My sweetheart and I had been married for about 3 1/2 years when he was accepted to school in Kentucky.  I was so excited that he had been accepted, but super scared.  I had never lived outside of Utah before and I knew we would be far away from home and family.   So with a prayer in my heart, we packed up our things and drove across the country to start a whole new adventure.  I had no idea at the time how amazing it would be!!
     I will always be grateful for that crossroad in my life.  I can not even begin to explain how much I grew in those years away, not only as a person, but as a couple and a family.  We relied on each other completely and grew together through the ups and downs.  We welcomed new little ones into the family and made amazing lifelong friends that became every bit as close as family.  And yes, I still burnt through a whole ton of phone cards to call home, especially when I had to make Thanksgiving Dinner on my own for the first time ;)  All in all, It was an amazing experience that helped to shape who I am today.
     And it also helped to shape another part of who I am today.   This particular crossroad was also the start of my quilting journey!!!  Right before we left, I asked my mother to teach me the basics of quilting as I figured I had a lot of quiet nights while my sweetheart studied.   Just like how our family grew, I never would have guessed that wanting to learn a hobby to keep me busy would grow to where it is today.   I am daily grateful for this amazing quilting journey and for all of you that join me in it.

And that is my Crossroads Story ;)

And a bit more on the Quilt Along before I sign off today.  The Crossroads Quilt Along will be just like the Snapshots Quilt Along that I have been sharing all this year ;)  Each month, starting in February, there will be a block posted with a suggested $5.00 donation to download it.  I will be sharing my blocks in Strawberry Fields Revisited by Fig Tree Quilts for Moda just like the original :)  

The fun all starts in February!!!  Be sure to pop on over and save this page for all of the details and monthly updates!!!  So are you going to come Quilt Along??  It is going to be so much fun!!!!!
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  1. what a GREAT story! So many of us have moving as a crossroad. I look forward to sewing with you this year Melissa!

  2. Love that photo! It's weird how big an impact moving can have, whether across the other side of town, the other side of the country or to a completely different country. I can't wait to see your version of this quilt come to life!

  3. Great post and my my crossroad was meet my hubby twenty years ago.

  4. Thanks for sharing your crossroads moment!! We have 4 kids, and my husband has just been accepted into uni for a 4 year engineering degree. I'm so glad he was accepted, but super nervous too! We will also be moving and I too have never lived anywhere else! I hope and pray it will all work out!! And yup, I'm expecting to spend a lot of evenings with my sewing machine while he studies!

    1. Hi Jessica, I tried to email you but you are set at no-reply, but I just wanted to say yippee for you!!! Enjoy every minute of the journey, the ups and the downs. Gotta love it :)

  5. So glad to hear it worked out good for you! My crossroad, I guess, was that I kept putting off washing my car, decided to get up early one hot August morning, went outside to get started, and met my husband to be. We will be celebrating 35 yrs of marriage at the end of the month!

  6. I loved your crossroads story. Family is such a powerful thing in life. So glad you have been so blessed. I've always gone back and forth between red and green as my favorite colors. Honestly, I tend to gravitate towards reds and blues (love shades of indigo). Colors make me happy, but choosing just one is just too tough! Thanks for the chance to win.
    rpsandbag at

  7. I receive your newsletter by email. Love watching your quilts in progress!

  8. Melissa,
    I enjoyed reading your crossroads story. I was an army brat and an army wife so I moved every 2-3 years so the hard part for me was staying in one town for over 17 years. :) I want to explore, drive, meet more people...I will enjoy this quilt along.

  9. Love your story - never give up the adventures:))

  10. I get your newsletter by e-mail. Loved your story!

  11. I'm going to do it as well Melissa! Can't wait, though mine will look very different because I'm going to scrap bust. March of Dimes is a great cause, just as Jude's was. Love your story, life has a funny way of "working out perfectly"...

  12. It's going to be a beautiful quilt. And I loved reading about your crossroad! The tough things really do make us stronger and better people! Have a great weekend!! Hugs, H

  13. I plan to join the quilt along! Thanks for sharing your crossroads!

  14. I plan to join the quilt along! Thanks for sharing your crossroads!

  15. I follow you on bloglovin!

  16. Hello again Melissa! I just saw this Irish chain style quilt and thought you might enjoy seeing it:
    Hugs, H

  17. I will be joining in on this quilt along.
    I still have some time to pick out some pretty fabrics, or I might use the same as you,
    I have your book.
    lol, funny sad story, I thought I bought your book.... and could not find it anywhere, I was pretty certain I did.... well, last week I found it under a pile of fabric. :-(
    I love your story of courage with this big change and stepping into a new life with your hubbs and tiny boy. I love the photo so much.

  18. Loved your story Melissa! I can relate. I'm looking forward to sewing along. Still pondering which fabric to use, or just buy the kit this time....hmmmm!

  19. My favorite color is blue, but I am learning to like orange as a surprise color in my quilts!!

  20. I really enjoyed your crossroads. It took me back to when my husband and I first ventured out, right out of college, several hours away from family and friends. Thank you for sharing! Looking forward to sewing with you this year!


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