Wednesday, December 30, 2015

String of Pearls - BYU Style

Today's quilt starts with a bit of a story.   So our best friends are both BYU Alumni and I decided this year (maybe a little late like as in December 1st) that I wanted to make them a Stadium Quilt to use when they attended the games.  Well, My Husband is a Uof U Alumni.  Now, if you are not from around Utah, you might not know, that those two schools tend to clash in all things sports related.  In fact, they played each other in the Vegas Bowl on Saturday the 19th, when I just so happen to be trying to finish this quilt.  My sweetheart kindly let me know that I couldn't be working on a BYU quilt during the big game as that would be bad luck.   So I set my quilt aside, even though I knew I only had 2 days left to work on it,  and watched the game with my sweetheart. So apparently the Utes have me to thank for their big win as I was selfless enough not to jinx them.  Okay, silly story, back to the quilts now ;)  I give you the String of Pearls Quilt - BYU Style!!!!

This is the original String of Pearls quilt from my book Irish Chain Quilts.  As soon as I decided on making a Stadium Quilt I knew this would be the perfect pattern.  It is mostly strip pieced so it also had the benefit of going together fast, and since I didn't start until December, that was a big plus ;)   And of course,  I was so super excited to do another Irish Chain Quilts remake ;)

I made a few adjustments this time around, which always keeps it fun ad new.  Since it was going to be a Stadium Quilt, I didn't want all of that white background, so I flipped the darks and lights.  I just love how bold it is!!!  I also added the corner squares as I think that looks awesome on a bed but I wanted to keep the chain going this time.   I also shrunk down the block size  making the quilt 70" x 70" as I figured it would be hard to tote a queen size quilt to the game ;)  


And I have to say, making the Appliqued BYU Logo is like a million times easier than my sweetheart's UofU or my SUU logos ;)  Thank you BYU for that ;)  I have a tutorial on how I make complex layered applique right here, just in case you are inspired to make your own stadium blanket now ;)  

When it came time to quilt it, I was in for a special treat.   My good friend Kim, and owner of my LQS Stitching it Up, gave me a demonstration of her Pro-Stitcher computer on her long-arm.  It was so cool to watch the long-arm stitch away this cool BYU design!!!   Isn't that so fun ;)

And on the backing, I found this super soft and snuggly BYU fleece from JoAnn's.  It will make it so soft and warm to snuggle up in at the games ;)  And I bound it with a solid Tan, perfectly accenting the logo and backing.   So fun!!!

And as you might have guessed, our friends were very surprised (It was hard not to share sneak peaks and give it away) and absolutely loved it ;)  I just love making special quilts for special people!!!  And I so enjoyed making this quilt again ;)    I know I have said it before, but I always feel so very wonderful and blessed when I can share my love of quilting with those I love around me and wrap them in quilty hugs :)  It is just the best!!!!

How about you . . . did you make something special handmade for someone special this year for Christmas?? I would love for you to share it with me in the comments ;)

I hope you have a very Happy Quilting Day!!
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  1. I love this quilt!! We are big BYU fans!! Can you share how you made the blocks smaller?

  2. Loved your story about not being able to work on the quilt during the game!! Reminded me of how it was my fault that my son's favorite college team lost an important game because I dressed my grandchild in the wrong colors on game day!!!

  3. Your talents are amazing!!! We absolutely love this quilt- we snuggle under it to watch all BYU games on our DVR. (Since the footbal season is over....sigh) we love you guys so much and feel honored to be blessed with such wonderful friends.

  4. Sounds like home to me, my day is a UTe and my son in law BYU cougar.

  5. It's a beautiful quilt. I love the colors reversed like that!!

  6. Wondeful quilt! It's hard to go wrong with an Irish Chain quilt. I need to try some of your patterns. Yes, I made a special quilt for my youngest son.
    Kinda glad THAT one is done. HAHA

  7. What a nifty idea! I just read your tutorial on how to make the applique. Wowzers!

    I will NOT be making this in BYU blue. We are Utes, through and through! LOL

    1. On a side note, my husband's first college team love is Montana State and their basketball team is playing tonight in Cedar City. So we shall ring in the new year in St George after the game!

  8. This looks so great with the dark background! and yes, that quilting is VERY cool!

  9. I love it with the navy background, and the byu quilting is just fantastic, and the backing to match: What a find!! It is a fantastic looking quilt!! And happy new years tonight!! Hugs, H

  10. I love this quilt! I'm sure I can think of someone to make a version of it for. :)

    Also, thanks for linking to your layered appliqué post! I have a flag quilt for my husband that has been in my WIP pile for months because I have gotten to the point where I have to attempt new skills. The flag of Bhutan is going to be interesting. Any tips for me?

  11. The only handmade things I gave for the holiday were 2 crocheted Minnie Mouse hats. Everything we gave away to family was handmade, though, even if not by me. That's a bonus, right?

  12. Oh - what a wonderful gift. Love all the details you put into it - and the quilting - special!!

  13. That a wonderful quilt Melissa and I love how you carried the BYU theme right through to the quilting! You sure found the perfect backing fabric too. String of Pearls is a favorite of mine from your book!

  14. I would love the cutting adjustments for your 70x70 version. You know I am a fan of your book and have made oodles of its quilts (the Great Lakes Pearls duo). Love them. Well, now I have friends making String of Pearls in all manner of stunning color combos. BTW, that game was pretty sad. We wear blue in this home!

  15. Wonderful finish. I did make several quilted items for gifts this year, table runners and toppers.

  16. Wow! great quilt! good job on that!


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