Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Flutter Daisy Chain

I am so super excited to be teaching this weekend at Quilt St. George, a super fun retreat in sunny St. George.   I also have the privilege to do an Irish Chain Quilts Trunk Show while at the retreat!!!!  I just love being able to share my book and the fun quilts from it!!!   However, I realized a bit ago, that I had a small scheduling snag.  Several of my quilts from Irish Chain Quilts are still in a quilt shop hop across the US and so I had some holes to fill.   So time to make some more Irish Chain Quilts!!! So fun!!!!   And you know, since the Trunk Show is Friday, of course I am just finishing them up and will share them over the next few days ;)

So here is the first remake . . . Daisy Chain!!   Daisy Chain is from the Appliqued Chains section of Irish Chain Quilts and is a tribute to my mother and her childhood days of making Daisy Chain Necklaces and Bracelets in the fields of England where she grew up.

I have been holding onto my Flutter 10" stacker by Amanda Herring for Riley Blake since my very first quilt market sample spree.  I was waiting for just the right project and I knew it was the perfect fit for this remake.  I love those beautiful bold colors!!  They just make those daisies pop!!!

Daisy Chain is such a fun little baby quilt to make that comes together fast, even with the applique.  It is a great way to get started into applique if you are new to it as the project isn't that large ;)   And I know I have said it before, but applique isn't as hard as it sounds and once you start, you are gonna love it!!!

When it came time to quilt this, I tried a new background design.  I started with a Curly Q concept but then crossed it over itself a bit to make more of a Ribbon Curl design.   It was a little rocky to start, but got better as I progressed.  Overall, I am really liking the movement it gives it in the background without overpowering the applique.  Yippee ;)

And that is Daisy Chain the Flutter Edition ;)   I am just thrilled with how it has turned out and had so much fun making this quilt again!!!   Have you made a Daisy Chain quilt??  I would love to see it!!  You can email me a picture at :)

Be sure to pop back in tomorrow for the second Irish Chain Quilts remake ;)

Have a Happy Quilting Day!!!!
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