Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Some more Row Along Progress :)

I am excited for how much more Moda Row Along  progress I have to share since the last time I posted.  It has been a crazy busy week, but I love that I have all of these cut out so I can squeeze in a little sewing here and there and still see progress, even if it is only in 15 minute increments.

 I finished up my Bloom Row designed by Karla Eisenach of Sweewater.   Aren't those little petals just so adorable!!!  I actually really enjoyed stitching them all done and just admiring how cute they were ;)

And I also started and finished another row.  This one is called Garland Knot by Brenda Riddle but instead of the Garland she has in the design, I added a little appliqued Merry Christmas.  This is going to be the focal row of the quilt and I am so excited!!!  I just love appliqued letters ;)  And that patchwork is 1" finished, so cute and little ;)

And I got a decent start on the Double Star Row as well.  I decided to use my favorite no-waste flying geese method instead of the one in the book.  It  only took a second to reconfigure the math and before you know it I was sewing away.  Just a little bit of cutting and pressing and I will have a flock ;)

I am having so much fun with this!!!  It really is the perfect little project to crank out a step or two in a row when you can squeeze in a minute in the sewing room ;)  So excited to see it all come together ;)

Oh, and if you want Row Along as well, you can find all the details here ;)

I hope you have a Happy Quilting Day!!!
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  1. Your rows are so cute... and I love the holiday greeting you added! Perfect!

  2. I love that bloom row. The Merry Christmas added to Garland Knots looks terrific too.

  3. Thanks for your generosity in sharing with us. I love reading about quilting. I have made a couple of quilts but dont consider myself a quilter. I am a wanna be!

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