Saturday, February 27, 2016

Splendid Saturday

It's been another fun Saturday morning making a Splendid Sampler block ;)   This week I only had one to make, as I posted my block, Lots of Love on Sunday, so I had it made a little early ;)  It has been so Splendid to see everyone's Lots of Love blocks!!!  Seriously, it has just been amazing and incredibly humbling to be a small part of everyone's Splendid Sampler.  You can see all of the Lots of Love blocks either in the Facebook Group, with #thesplendidsampler on social media, or at the links in this post.  So fun!!!

And the block I made this week was Happy Happy designed by Jen Kingwell.   I was so fortunate to meet Jen Kingwell last month and this block is just like her, so very happy ;)   I did raw edge applique instead of hand stitched, surprise,surprise.  I adjusted my  blanket stitch super tiny to go around the little circles and just love the added little pop it gives them.

And those are this weeks Splendid Sampler blocks.  Looking forward to next Saturday for another Splendid Morning of Saturday Stitching ;)

Happy Quilting!!!
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  1. I really enjoyed making your block and plan to spend today making Happy Happy and whatever new block gets released. I'm learning 'sew' much and I've only done 4 blocks :-D

  2. What should the measurements of each heart be before you sew them all together? My block didn't come out right.

  3. Pretty blue block! I was glad to see that the next block is a pieced one as I'm still working on my Happy Happy block. I decided to do the needle turn method as I think I need more practice on it. Needless to say it did take a while but I'm nearly done, just want to tweak my embroidered stems a little. Its so interesting to see everyone else's take on each block.


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