Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Bringing a WIP off the shelf

So I am loving my new spreadsheets (I mentioned them here)  for tracking all of my quilts in the works.  I was reminded this week that I still have yet to finish my Snapshots quilt, which had been set aside for a few deadlines.  Which is super sad, considering all the blocks are done and it really wouldn't take that much to finish it up.

So yesterday, I pulled it all off the shelves and pieced up the super adorable quilt back that comes along with the patterns.   Don't you just love that camera.  So fun!!!

This morning I cut out all the sashing for the blocks and I am hoping to get the blocks all sashed today.  Then its just a few more seams to a finished quilt top.   Eeekk, can't wait to see this one all come together, it is just going to be so cute ;)

 I plan to donate it to the Festival of Trees this year, so it will feel super good to have it all done and ready ;)  How about you, do you have any WIP that you are pulling off a shelf this month??

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  1. Yes, yes and yes! I just finished quilting and binding a top that's been waiting and waiting. I have a few more tops and I promised myself I would finish them before starting anything new! I've sort of already broken my promise, but I WILL finish them.

  2. I ordered the snapshots quilt for my december birthday and am on block 9. Im having so much fun!! Got the backing kit a few days ago. Thats my first priority. Then I need to finish a few baby quilts. Will hafta be crib ones now...

  3. It's so pretty the back! <3 Lovely job!

    Yes I do, I have a hexie tablerunner that's been in the works for 2 years now that's going to be finished this month! I really don't like sewing by hand so it turned into a forever project, which is sad as I really love the fabrics. So now it is getting done!

  4. Those blocks are super cute! And I'm loving that backing <3

  5. Super cute!
    I have a question, how can I increase a quilt size from 45" square into a twin size? I am not sure to know how much fabric I would need.
    Thanks for such a great blog!


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