Saturday, April 2, 2016

Splendid Sampler Saturday

Here are my Splendid Sampler blocks from this week!!

First up, the Checkerboard Block designed by Pat Sloan.  Oh my, did I have fun making this block.  I find tiny patchwork to be so enjoyable, and getting to make a whole checkerboard of tiny patchwork, even better!!!  And don't you just love that little bunny in there ;)  So cute!!

I also loved piecing this Scrap Star block designed by Corey Yoder.   Those little HST star points are so cute and tiny, and I really liked using lots and lots of different scraps to make them up.  And I just love the little frame that Corey designed, it really sets off the star.  

And I also managed to organize my purple and red scrap drawers as well, while working on these.   I also did my pink drawer, since that is pretty close to red ;)  All that is left is the orange, brown, grey and black drawers.   Yes, I might be a little crazy to be "sorting" my scrap drawers.  Ah well, what ya gonna do ;)

I hope you have a very Happy Quilting Saturday ;)  I am looking forward to lots more Splendid Sampler Saturday's over the coming months ;)
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  1. Love it!! I have to get busy on my blocks. I have 8 done.

  2. The bunny is a cute surprise. Great red star as well. I really like the way you label the pictures too. How do you do that?

  3. blocks looks so good I am not like you struggle with such tiny blocks but think I am improving through trial and error!

  4. I organized all my fabrics for nice a long while ago. Everything sorted into drawers etc. I even ripped 2 1/2" strips off everything and bundled strips together .... But time goes by and while everything is still organized by color I also have a big basket and two boxes of scraps again, so I'm very jealous of you and all the little jems you will find. Love your Splendid blocks.

  5. I like those little squares. Cute.

  6. I think sorting your scrap drawers is a great idea!! A great time saver in the long run! Have a wonderful week! Hugs, H


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