Monday, May 9, 2016

Patchwork Playtime

My sweet little nephew arrived a little early last week making his debut into the world on Cinco De Mayo!!!  I have to admit, I have been pretty busy with some secret sewing (market) that this little arrival sort of sneaked up on me.  Nothing like a little afternoon patchwork playtime to solve that ;)  

Sometimes I forget how enjoyable it is to just sew some simple patchwork.  It really is just so therapeutic to stitch and not really have to think so much about it :)  And it is so fast and so very fun, it really is like playtime!!!  I made This All Star Baby Quilt  for this little arrivals brother 2 years ago, and I wanted this new little brother's to be similar but not the exact same.   So I used an Varsity Layer Cake by Sweetwater for Moda cut into charms for the patchwork, and then decided to just add another row of patchwork and a border instead of the applique strip.

Now just to get it all quilted up and ready to give to mom!!!  And since I was at it, and had lots of charms from the Layer Cake, I made a second quilt top as well.  Now I have a back-up when another little one sneaks up on me ;)  

I will share both finishes just as soon as I can get them on the long-arm.  I just have to get one of those aforementioned secret sewing projects off first ;)  Gotta love Market time!!

And now I am just curious, When was the last time you did some simple patchwork??  Do you find it therapeutic and/or fun as well??

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  1. I'm piecing slabs together to make boxes out of the Sunday Morning Quilts book by Amanda Nyberg. It's a nice change from all the itsy piecing from the Splendid Sampler.

  2. I made two quilt top a couple of months ago - I wanted to make really simple quilts for my kids to take when staying overnight at their aunt and uncle's place. I finished the tops quite quickly, but then got stuck because I can't find wool batting for them (((

  3. I used the same line for my nephew's quilt. :) He's 10 and loves it. I used a zipper pattern and he chose to have green for the opposite color. It turned out pretty well, if I do say so myself.

  4. I do enjoy making simple blocks and I like to add a little appliqué to a corner for fun. Great for kid's quilts and the fabrics you used are perfect for a little boy.


  5. To be completely honest, I prefer simple patchwork - I've grown more impatient as I've gotten older, and I don't want to work on complicated patterns! And then there's the quilt pattern - if the patchwork has a lot to it, whatcha gonna do with that quilting??? Too. Many. Decisions.

    Love your new quilt!!

  6. I too find sewing little scraps together very therapeutic and will often just dump some 1 1/2 inch squares or other scraps on my work table and sew log cabin blocks or string blocks or like recently, Postage Stamp blocks. Then I get antsy to sew them all finished and into a quilt top. Loved seeing the little finished quilt of a few years ago. Really sweet! Looking forward to seeing your two recent quilt finishes.

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  8. It has been forever since I got to enjoy some simple patchwork. This little quilt is so very charming Melissa that you have me hankering to do some too. Congratulations on having a new little nephew to love!

  9. Great fabric choices for a boy quilt!

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  11. Work keeps getting in my way of just sewing but when I can I just in and sew all the baby quilts I can. Plus a couple of other projects. congrats on the new nephew.
    The quilt top is really cute.


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