Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Tell Me A Story Doll Quilt from Intentional Piecing

Okay, today is all about to cute for words!!!   I am so excited to share a quick little finish with a special story and for a special person.   Here it is, the Tell Me A Story Doll Quilt ;)  Isn't it just so adorable!!!

The pattern for the Tell Me A Story Block is from Amy Friends new book Intentional Piecing.  Amy is such a sweetheart and a Paper Piecing Genius!!!   Her book focuses on getting the most from your fabrics and really thinking about how you want to use them to enhance the quilt design.  I really love the way Amy gets you to look at your fabrics with all new possibilities!!!

The Tell Me A Story Quilt is all over right now!!!  Have you seen it popping up on social media??   You can find them with the #TellMeAStoryQuilt.   They are all so cute and I just love that it is getting everyone to really think about how their fabric can represent a special memory or story.  So fun!!!   And of course, there is a fun little prize to go along with telling your own story, you can check it out here!

So when I decided to try the #TellMeAStoryBlock, I really wanted to focus on "intentional".    This jumped out to me because one of my goals this year is to be more "intentional" in my projects.  I do a lot of projects in a year and this year I really wanted to focus on making sure each project had a purpose ie, being made for someone, or for something, or would work for a special type of event, ie wedding, baby shower.   You get the point.  So rather than just make a block that would end up an orphan block somewhere, I thought it would be just perfect for a Doll Quilt  for Kami.  She got a new 18" doll for her birthday and has been asking for a quilt for her, a perfectly intentional match ;)

So with Kami's help, we choose out the cutest perfectly princess fabric!!!   I got this fantastic Happy Ever After by Sandra Workman for Riley Blake Designs Layer Cake a few markets ago and have been waiting for the perfect project to use it for.  Kami was so excited to break into it!!

We chose the Princesses and Fairy Tale Places for the center blocks.  I loved that with every little bit of gussy cutting I was doing she was telling me all of her favorite fairy tales that the girls and places reminded her of.   Then, since my girls absolutely love dress up, We choose the princess ball gowns for one set of borders.  The second set of borders are a beautiful damask print that remind me of  the cover of my childhood Hans Christian Anderson Fairy Tale book.  I have to say, it was so fun to cut up these fabrics thinking specifically of how the fabric represented some wonderful memories, and how we created memories as well in choosing it out!!

And then it was time to do a little Paper Piecing.  I am still not an expert at Paper Piecing by any means, but I really enjoyed this basic layout and didn't have any problems having it all come together nicely.   And you always have to love the mess you make when Paper Piecing!!

And before to long, I had an adorable Tell Me A Story Doll Quilt top and then just a little stitch in the ditch and some binding and the Quilt was done!!!   My daughter loves it, and the best part is, it will always remind me of her sharing all of her stories :)  Super excited for this adorable finish!!!

I was really grateful to Intentional Piecing for making me stop and really look at the designs on my fabric and think about them in a whole new way!!!  Such a fun way to bring a whole new level of creativeness into your quilting ;)

And I already have my second project from Intentional Piecing picked out!!!  You remember how I have been storing up selvages for just the right project . . .  enter the Circuitry Quilt!!!  Isn't this just so fun!!!   I love it!!  Now, just to find a bit more time in the day so I can start it :)

Which makes me wonder . . . do you save your selvages???

Happy Quilting!!!

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  1. Love the little doll quilt. Another book I need to buy.

  2. Thank you so much for your kind words Melissa! I hope you can find time for Circuitry! It's a good quilt to make one block at a time when you have time...think of it as tidying your selvages :)

  3. I love Kami's little quilt! I definitely save my selvages and plan to make a string star quilt with them some day. I'd better get started because my very large selvage bin is more than halfway full.


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