Monday, June 6, 2016

A Spoonful of Sugar for Summer Sewing

I was so excited when the lovely folks at Fons and Porter sent me this super cute book, A Spoonful of Sugar!!  It is going to be just oh so perfect for Summer Sewing for me and with the kids!!!  Lisa Cox of A Spoonful of Sugar Designs has created 20 wonderful projects for you to make for your home and they are all just so fun!!  And I especially love that each project can be made in essentially a day, giving you that wonderful finished feeling in no time at all!!

I started going through the book and instantly stopped right at the beginning marking this Bonjour Paris Door Stop as an absolutely must make!! I have thought for some time that I needed to make a doorstop for my sewing room as I currently just stuff batting under it.  But how perfect and fantastic is this doorstop!!!  I am really hoping to squeeze this in this week between some of the deadline sewing ;)

And of course, my daughter always looks over my shoulder when I am looking at a new quilting book.  She freaked out over this Pretty Panda Snap Purse and instantly decided it is the first thing she wants to make for Summer Sewing ;)  So adorable!!!

And I am leaving to teach this weekend and wishing I already had this Sewing Portfolio made up.  How perfect is this for traveling!!  Add it to the list!!

A Spoonful of Sugar is just full of wonderful fast, and fun projects for the home, bedroom, kitchen, craft room, and for the kids.   I am super excited to use this book for Summer Sewing.  It really is going to be so much fun for the kids and I alike ;)

So hold me to it now!!!  If you don't see that doorstop pop up here soon, you remind me to bump it up the list again ;)  

What fun summer sewing do you have planned??
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  1. I bought the book and am loving it. Will be making something from it as soon as I finish my granddaughters' quilt.

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