Friday, June 24, 2016


So, have you heard of FaveQuilts??  It is an absolutly wonderful resource.  I like to think of FaveQuilts as an amazing ( and huge) Quilting Library ;)  It is just like going to the library and looking for a good book, only this time, you are looking for the perfect tutorial or free pattern.

You can use the Categories on the left hand side of the main page to help you narrow your search.  And just like the library, you can search by type of quilt, size of quilt, designer of quilt (Yup, I have a designer profile there too ;)  and the list goes on.  Then when you find the quilt you like, Fave Quilts provides the link of where you can go directly to the creates site and find the project!!  I love that they send you to the creators site, it has helped me to discover some amazing new blogging friends!!!

And another fun thing that FaveQuilts does is make these super fun and free downloadable E-books ;)  I have had several tutorials published in these cute e-books and am excited to have the quilt above  featured int this newest e-book, T-Shirt Quilts ;)  

How to Make a T-Shirt Quilt: 11 T-Shirt Quilts

So anyhow, I wanted to give FaveQuilts a shout out today as they have been such a great resource and I thought you might find it helpful too ;)  So, if you haven't checked them out before, you might want to just pop on over for a visit ;)  Let's just say, there is enough eye candy there to keep your surfing for hours and making your "to make someday" list quadruple ;)  Have fun!!!

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  1. I love Fave Quilts. I am a designer there too!

  2. I have wasted many an hour on Fave Quilts! So much fun.

  3. Good Morning Melissa! Fave Quilts is one of my favorite sites to sit and browse for hours and play with Pinterest! I am glad that you brought up the links that we can save in our own profile (I am not sure exactly what it is called I forget to use it, but it is wonderful when I do remember it). Plus for designers I can not imagine the benifits. Thank You So Much to all of you designers who contribute your patterns...I know I appreciate them!! Also do not forget to check out their other sites like Christmas Crafts.

  4. I've never heard of Fave Quilts.....going to check it out now!

  5. Yes, I love that site. I often will get emails with projects from there too. Great resource!

  6. I get a daily email from Fave Quilts. I like that they also have some fun giveaways. I actually won a book a couple of years ago! :-)

  7. I just checked it out, great site! signed up for their newsletter too :) Thanks Melissa


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